You might be interested to know that America's biggest emotional issue is not guilt, and it's not depression. It is loneliness. Can you imagine? Maybe you can. I certainly know this to be true: being a mom can certainly lead to isolation and loneliness.

When I had my second daughter, Sofia, I experienced this in a real and harsh way. We had just moved away from my family, and I hadn't made many friends yet in our new city. I would just cry some days because I thought my life was over, and nobody (besides my husband) knew that I was lonely.

I remember one night, as I was crying, I said to my husband, Rei, "I need a good friend here." He agreed and prayed that God would bring friends into my life. Slowly but surely, I began to crawl out from under my lonely rock and build a new community in my new city.

Shortly after that, I met Krystle, and we launched this website. We discovered that a ton of our momma friends and fans were experiencing loneliness. We set out to change that.

The Snap Mom Community has been a lifeline for us and so many other moms. As Chanelle and Jenna share in this video, they found their place in the village of mothers. Thousands of women band together daily. We love each other, support each other, and yes there is plenty of venting too! ha!

So please, know that you are not alone. That there is a place for you. Click here to join The Snap Mom Community because we are...better together.


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