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10 Embarrassing Pregnancy Things Nobody Warns You About

10 Embarrassing Pregnancy Things Nobody Warns You About

At this point, I’m sure it’s safe to say that Whitney J and I aren’t out to impress everyone. Our goal is to be real, honest and upfront about our lives and this journey we find ourselves on. She has shared about her traumatic miscarriage, and I have shared about our horrific near-drowning incident and countless things in-between.

Today, I’ll raise the bar that much higher and share a few embarrassing factoids I have picked up along the way of my multiple pregnancies….. – Krystle K

10 Embarrassing Pregnancy Things Nobody Warns You About

  1. Just when you think your body cannot get any bigger…you wake up 3x larger than the day before. The waddle is unavoidable…
  2. Pee happens. Sneezing is a whole new experience once you are heavily pregnant… I won’t go into details.
  3. Your hormones are out to make you look clinically insane. You will be bawling over commercials and raging over lost socks. (I highly recommend taking Natural Calm….)
  4. Unless you are “that pregnant chic,” (who wears her pre-pregnancy jeans the whole flipping 9 months) you will hit the prego wall: a proverbial right of pregnancy passage where nothing fits, and you are sentenced to maxi dresses for the remainder of your days.
  5. You will start breathing like an elephant and panting like a marathon runner just by doing simple things like talking.
  6. Gravity will get you at some point, and you will topple over. Don’t worry, baby will be ok.
  7. If you are lucky like me, you will get a hormonal skin mask on your face. My Dad kept giving me serious guilt trips about “getting too much sun” because my face was all freckly and patchy. He didn’t believe it was hormonal until it disappeared after birth.
  8. Strangers will touch you and comment about the size of your belly. One waiter (on my due date) said “hold on, hold on…let me guess… twins??????” I wanted to simultaneously die and kill him.
  9. You will have dreams that make acid trips look tame. When I was pregnant with my second child, I remember a vivid dream about birthing a monkey. I remember the horror of delivering an animal and then trying to bond and breastfeed it. Eekkkkkk! I woke up completely freaked out.
  10. Something always swells eventually… hands,feet, face, you name it. I almost had to cut my wedding band off with my first pregnancy. It happened so quickly that I didn’t realize until I was close to completely losing circulation.

I could go on, but I don’t want to scare too many future mamas. Long story short….it’s all 100% worth it, and I (for the most part) loved every minute!

Do you have any to add?

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