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10 Ways a Baby Carrier is Like a Good Bra

10 Ways a Baby Carrier is Like a Good Bra

And all the babywearing mamas said… amen!

by Chanelle Henderson | staff writer for The Snap Mom

One night I was going on and on to my husband about all the thought I had put into a new carrier for our daughter. I was working through the pros and cons of all the different kinds — which is more supportive, which will last longer, what the prices were, what prints I liked better, etc. My husband stopped just started laughing at me.

“Chanelle, this is as interesting for me as when you are shopping for bras! I don’t care—just pick one!”

I started thinking about it…and he was right! In so many comical ways, finding a good carrier is so much like finding the right bra. It has to be supportive, but not too stuffy. Comfortable, but not too thick. And we all have our preferences.

And once I got going with the comparisons, I couldn’t stop.

Admit it—you see it too!

1. If you get one before you have anything to put into it, you practice ‘stuffing’ it with things you find around the house.



2. You start out with the cheap versions, and you think they do the trick. But then one day you try the good kind. And it’s like a revelation! (Ahh, so much support and padding! It lifts AND separates!)


3. While you can find them in a sensible color, you definitely are willing to pay more for the ‘pretty ones’.


4. The bigger they get, the more support they need. You know. So they don’t sag…

babywearing 5

5. When used properly, they should be up on your chest. So high that you can kiss the top. Gotta let ‘em breathe!


6. You end up buying different kinds for different needs. Like, one for hiking, one for going out, one for t-shirt and jeans sorts of days…

babywearing 2

7. They even make them in training sizes!


8. You borrow your friend’s to ‘get a feel for’ if you like it before you buy it. And you all sit around talking about how to get the best price for the fancy ones.


9. Your husband brags that he is so good, he can unbuckle it with one hand.


10. You thought you had the hang of it all. Then those women in National Geographic take it to a whole ‘notha level.


So Babywearing Mamas of the World, let me hear you! How are you feeling ‘supported’ these days??

Here are some pics from The Snap Mom Community

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Chanelle spends her hours as a mom, a writer, a wife, and a mental health counselor–not always in that order! When she and her husband aren’t chasing after their renegade children, they ponder the finer philosophies of Eric Carle and Dr. Seuss (while wiping finger paint off the pages)

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