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11 Reasons to have Baby #2

11 Reasons to have Baby #2

Yikes! Adding another baby to the family can be downright scary, but fear not. Here are 11 reasons why you should!

by Amanda Dodson | staff writer for The Snap Mom

1. It will teach your older child to think beyond themselves.

2. You will get a better tax break.

3. You will get to spend hours searching for or designing the perfect big/little brother/sister shirts.

4. You will learn what husband and wife teamwork is really all about.

5. You will get to put all that baby stuff in the attic to good use.

6. You will finally have a reason to get a bigger vehicle, or fill those 5 seats in the back…

7. You will get to be amazed as you watch your child love and cherish their younger sibling… and a second later tell him/her baby needs a break from all the hugs and kisses.
8. You will get to experience being out numbered when dad’s away.

9. You will get to figure out how to explain where babies come from to a toddler.

10. You will give your child a playmate that is not you.

11. Because ONE is the loneliest number.




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Amanda is a SAHM who spends her days surrounded by her two beautiful children and beard-loving husband. Amanda has too many passions and spends any of her free time by creating/designing for her business, in the kitchen, or dreaming up ways her family can be a Florida version of Mountain men. Most importantly, Amanda seeks to bring all she does back to the glory of God.

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