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11 Ways To Tell Your Kid Is Crunchy - The Snap Mom

11 Ways To Tell Your Kid Is Crunchy

baha…guilty! What about your kids???

by Lindsey Mills | staff writer for The Snap Mom

Crunchy is becoming more and more mainstream these days, and it’s usually pretty easy to tell if kids come from a crunchy family! 

Without further adieu…You know your kids are crunchy when:

1.They wear essential oils to school every day.

2.They get a sniffle and ask for elderberry syrup and GOOT.

3. They know coconut oil and breastmilk cures everything!

4.They learn to say “abocado” at 18 months.

5.They ask for goat cheese as a snack.

6.They only drink out of stainless steel sippy cups.

7.They love quinoa, and eat spinach minced into every meal.

8.They request the “special stuff” to his milk and cereal. {probiotics!}

9.They ask you to put “self control” in the diffuser because little sister won’t stop talking in bed.

10. They love “soda,” otherwise known as kombucha.

11. When you make a green smoothie, they drink more than you do.

What are some ways you know your kids are crunchy??


About the author:


Lindsey is a scrunchy wife and mom to two adorable girls. She is also the salon owner of Southern Roots and works part time doing hair. She loves animals, gardening, and is very involved in her home church.