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20 Confessions of a SAHD (Stay at Home Dad)

20 Confessions of a SAHD (Stay at Home Dad)

I have been following The Snap Mom for a little over a year I think. What an honor it is to be asked to write an article.  Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Everyone wants a day off once in a while, right? I made that simple comment on Facebook a few weeks ago. Very simply stated: “I want a day off”

My first response was from a really good friend. 

His reply?  “Day off from what!!!?? LMAO!!”

Really? From what?  I need a day off from the stereotype” is what my reply should have been. Instead I chose some hasty words that I quickly deleted. He will know soon enough…. He has 3 of his own now too. His youngest are twins born premature.  He will be doing some SAHD days soon. But not full-time like I do.

Here are some confessions I would like to share and I hope you find… entertaining? 😉

20 Confessions of a SAHD…

  1. Watching my wife leave for the day is probably the hardest part of the day. Without talking about it, I know she wishes she could stay at home instead of me.
  2. It is an amazing opportunity to watch our kids grow before my eyes. An opportunity a lot of dads miss out on.
  3. I cry a lot… Am I parenting the right way? Am I screwing them up or am I doing a good job? I never know until my daughter is polite to strangers and they see the little lady that shines through.
  4. How did he get poop on his knee… now his ankle… and bellybutton!?!!!
  5. It is harder than one would think… to wipe poop off of testicles. Lots of little wrinkles down there.
  6. I have yet to be peed on by our son.  Both girls have sprayed me though.
  7. Getting spit up out of your beard is tougher than I thought.
  8. I hate sucker punching myself in the face trying to pull a nipple through a bottle ring. Happens weekly.
  9. I like co-sleeping more than I thought I would.
  10. After our son was born, my wife and I slept in different rooms for about 6 months. We did it to keep the baby waking up our girls.
  11. Making whoopee is easier and more inventive when you’re co-sleeping. It leaves the rest of the house to explore.
  12. Taking care of three kids 4 years old and younger is stressful. It has many challenges. Like cloth diapering the youngest two at the same time. One poops. Two poops.
  13. I want to scream a lot.
  14. I feel as though my voice goes unheard unless I speak sternly.
  15. I am not afraid to walk around in sandals with pink toenails. I prefer the manly colors when my daughters paint them… but she looks so cute asking to paint them pink. That’s right pink toenails and full beard. Are you judging me? 🙂
  16. I bought blue nail polish today.
  17. I text bomb my hardworking wife at work way more than I should (I shouldn’t at all).
  18. I love being a stay at home dad.
  19. I am not lazy. Our house is always a mess because we LIVE and PLAY here.
  20. I could not do it without being married to my best friend and getting her love and support daily. We are coming up on 7 years in November!

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