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4 Reasons Why Moms Are Always Late - The Snap Mom

4 Reasons Why Moms Are Always Late

Yes yes yes yes. It is soooo hard to get out of the house. The struggle is real!

 by Nikki Pennington | staff writer for The Snap Mom

I think it’s time we have a chat, a little heart to heart. You see, as a chronically-late mom, I am usually shamed for not showing up to anything on time. Play dates, birthday parties, baby showers, and let’s be honest, even kid-free functions. I began thinking, maybe the issue isn’t really with the fact that I am always late but that you are always on time, early in fact, to any event. You’ve basically already set me up for failure if you showed up early, I’m already late. I’m never going to be on time until my children are grown, and I don’t plan on making any steps towards changing that. Feel free to judge me, think I don’t value your time, or that I am thoughtless.

Let me share with you four reasons why I am always late…

1. It’s never a good time to leave the house

I have three children under the age of six- need I say more? There is no good time for me to walk out the door for a playdate and be on time with this crew. It’s either too early, and they are still half asleep. It’s close to nap time and temper tantrums are about to ensue. Or it’s close to lunch or dinner, and they are “starving” which shuts them down until they are fed. This could cause a set-back from anywhere from 10-20 minutes late.

2. We can’t find a shoe

There is *always* one missing shoe, either mine or theirs.  We can’t go to any function with only one shoe on. However, if you are ok with me showing up with a missing shoe so I can be on time for a function, feel free to let me know and this one will no longer be an issue.

3. We left something at the house

Half way to the event and I realized I left the entire diaper bag at the house. Yes, I could call or text you, however I don’t want you to panic when you realize I’m already late because of the above reasons, and now I have to go back to my house. That is only going to upset your day, and chances are, you are having a great time with your child at the park already, so why mess that up?

4.  My kids need me

All kidding aside, if I’m late it’s not because I intentionally set out to be unkind regarding your time. I set out with good intentions, to be on time, maybe even to give it one good try to be early. However, as a mom my kids come first, and I have multiple children. If someone is having a rough time on our way to the play date, I am going to drop everything to be there for them, even if it means being 30 minutes late to the playdate or event.

I don’t want to spend my days rushing through life so that I can look back and say, “I missed a lot, I constantly told the kids to “hurry up,” or I rushed to end a hug… but I was always on time!” To the moms that are always on time I say, slow down and be late! Enjoy hunting for a missing shoe only minutes before a play date instead of worrying about the clock. Stop and give that extra-long hug until your little one let’s go, even if it’s right when you are scheduled to arrive somewhere. Last but not least, stop judging the mom that is always late, maybe even give it a try yourself. After all, if you are busy rushing through life simply to be on time for a play date, you might miss out on some amazing memories in between.


About the author:

nikki admin

Nikki is a stay at home mom to three high spirited boys. Three years ago she became a motherless daughter after losing her own mom to terminal brain cancer. When she is not playing the role of referee for the boys, she spends her days trying to encourage and inspire others that are on the grief journey.