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$$$$$$ 4 Simple Ways To Save Cash $$$$$$$$

The following quote is…well…true!

If women didn’t exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning. -Aristotle Onassis

Come on somebody! Of course spending money is fun but saving can be just as fun!

$$$$$$ 4 Simple Ways To Save Cash $$$$$$$$

1. Plan-

You won’t fall into good spending habits. You must plan for them. Knowing your monthly income, expenses and having a budget is step one.

“The main reason to create a budget is to help you keep your finances under control by keeping track of how much money you’re spending and where it goes. When you begin to stray from your budget it’s usually because of spending too much money somewhere. But if you have a budget that tells you exactly how much you’re supposed to spend, why is it so easy to overspend? There are a number of reasons we overspend, so when you understand what causes overspending, you can help put a stop to it and keep your budget on track.”  -

 2. Reduce-

Do you need it or want it? Getting honest about the difference will save you a lot of money. Roaming Target without a list will eat away at your potential savings. Try only getting what is ON your list!

3. Reuse-

  • “New” is a cash killer. Companies pay big bucks to entice you into the latest upgrade but if your phone works, do you really need a new one?
  • Learn how to thrift here!

4. Recycle-

Whitney J & I trade a lot. Instead of running to the store when I don’t have something we borrow from each other. I’ve had her KitchenAid Mixer over at my place many times. This way also you can try something out and decide if you really need it!


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