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5 Steps To Simplify Your Life - The Snap Mom

5 Steps To Simplify Your Life

We had Pam Keller- a professional organizer over to share her expertise in an area I know we ALL need help with: ORGANIZING! How many of you out there have exploding closets, drawers & pantries?  Me too! My kitchen pantry was in chaos when Pam showed up but with her quick tips, passion for cleaning, and her focused energy…we showed that pantry who’s boss!

 5 Steps To Simplify Your Life:

1—Empty everything out of the area…

…this simplifies the process of decluttering because you can see everything at once and make
wise decisions about what to toss and what to keep, group like items together, and minimize at a
glance what will go back into the desired space.

2—Trash old, empty, and outdated items.

Here’s your chance to purge items that have passed their expiration date, items that you bought because you thought you might like it(!), and items that are empty or leaking or old.

3—Group remaining like items together.

use commonalities like size, shape, function or height to organize your remaining items so that they
are easy to find and locate.

4—Baskets or buckets.

Most homes have some buckets or baskets laying around that could be repurposed in their closets or
spaces for helping to corral smaller items {if not, click here to purchase}

5—Replace remaining groups of items in an orderly manner in your space.

As neatly and orderly as possible, matching functions and shapes, put your groups of items back into
your space.  Label anything that requires identification, wipe down any areas that need cleaning,
and put your most frequently used items in the front and middle.

Easy peasy!

*For more of Pam’s tips follow her on Facebook:

Click here for “De-clutter Your Mind: Tackling the To-Do List


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