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5 Things The Snap Mom Taught Me About Pregnancy

5 Things The Snap Mom Taught Me About Pregnancy

We cannot express how much it means to us here at The Snap Mom when people reach out and tell us what our site has done for them. Thank you Lindsay! 

by Lindsay Tuttle | guest writer for The Snap Mom

On Labor Day 2014 I found out I was pregnant. Oh, the irony. And holy tissuebox!


I hate to admit it, but this was not what I wanted. The timing couldn’t have been worse. I was going through several health issues, entering my last year of grad school, working full time and trying to balance everything else going on in life. The guilt surrounding my feelings was terrible.
I never thought it would be so easy to get pregnant. Then it happened. It was too easy. Too fast. Too crazy. Too worrisome.

And totally one of the best miracles that I have been blessed with in this life.
It was shortly after I learned I was pregnant that I knew I needed to get myself together. For whatever reason, my God had meant for this to happen to me right now, and I could either choose to mentally fight it, or I could receive the blessing. I could choose to be thankful and joyful. I could choose freedom from guilt and the past.

And that’s exactly what I did.


With my heart filled with gladness, thankfulness, glee and full-force preggo-giddy mode, I started visiting The Snap Mom more often. I had found this community shortly after it started, via word of mouth and mutual friends. If you’re from Sarasota you get this. Everybody knows everybody.

What I didn’t know when I originally found The Snap Mom was what a blessing it would become for me during my journey through pregnancy and all the things it would teach me.

Hence, here are the 5 things The Snap Mom has taught me about pregnancy.


1. Everything in pregnancy prepares you to be a mom

It’s not like you wake up, snap your fingers Mary Poppins style, and there you have it. It’s something you learn as you go. I didn’t have to have all the answers the minute the pregnancy test came up positive, nor do I ever. Each day I have been pregnant I have learned more about my body and have had more appreciation for it than I ever had before. In each trimester there were lessons to be learned. I’ve had these random freak-out moments where I think, “Will I forget how to swaddle my baby? Or forget to feed him? Or even worse, forget how to change adiaper?” The horror! The key to pregnancy is flexibility. Because you sure as heck will be introduced to that word when you are a mom.

2. I’m not a mommy dingbat

Remember in grade school when they told you that there was no such thing as a dumb question, but internally you’re thinking, “Yeah, it’s the one I’m about to ask.”
That’s how I felt at first coming to The Snap Mom. This “whole new world” (cue:Aladdin) was something I felt completely lost in, like a curious bystander looking into a shop window. Could I ask a question and not seem like an idiot? Fortunately, yes I could. I learned on my pregnancy journey as I followed The Snap Mom that I could really ask every question on my mind, and I wouldn’t be thought of any less. What a relief! In doing so, I realized, hey, I can do this mommy thing!

3. Snap Mom is to moms as Albert Einstein is to science

Does that make sense? In reading Snap Mom posts, I became enchanted. Look folks, I’ve been a nurse for 6 years, working with a mostly geriatric population, and have absolutely NADA experience taking care of babies and children with the exception of babysitting jobs. I took a step back and have MAJOR respect for Snap Moms. They know their stuff. I love that a mother’s experience with her children is more than I could ever dream about learning from a textbook in a couple weeks in my Pediatrics graduate coursework. Experience and living it…that’s where it’s at! I felt so fortunate and blessed to add the Snap Mom to my arsenal of resources I could look to for advice and to learn.

4. Throw out the “plan”

Have you ever met a nurse? Ok, I’m not gonna rat usall out here, but we can be can pretty type A. And control freaks. And planners. However, you learn when your pregnant you just can’t make a “plan.” Well of course you can, but make sure to run it over with muddy car tires, and then rip it up. Because it’s gonna go down how it’s gonna go down, and you just need to take a chill pill and go along for the ride. I look at all these amazing moms who tell their stories through pregnancy,motherhood, loss, beauty, and sadness. And I realize, where was the plan? It was there; we all have desires in our heart. But life will definitely throw some curveballs. So through the curveballs and potential crazy symptoms in pregnancy, you realize it’s worth it. You get your beautiful miracle at the end!

5. I have a community

This is probably the most important thing The Snap Mom has done for me on my pregnancy journey. I’m never alone with this “mama” thing, and I certainly don’t have to feel that way. I guess I was just thinking it would be this thing…like a party at a house I walk up to, knock on the door, and ask, “Can I come in?”
Of course I can. In fact, I find that The Snap Mom welcomes and embraces new moms, veteran moms, and moms on every stage of the journey, no matter where they are at. I love and cherish that. I love that even though I live in Sarasota, FL, a mom from Montana can give me just the encouragement I need to jump a hurdle. Or maybe it’s a mom down the street who I have never met but now know and can hang out and fellowship with. What a blessing to do life with so many crazy awesome people, most of whom I haven’t met! I am thankful for the encouragement, love and support, as I leave my pregnancy chapter and prepare to hold my precious son in my arms.

Keep calm and Snap Mom.

UPDATE! Lindsay had her baby!

May 1st 2015: “Meet my perfect little miracle Jace Alexander Tuttle, 7lb 13 oz, 20 1/2 oz long, and sweeter than ever! So thankful for our little blessing- happy and healthy!”


 About the author


Lindsay Tuttle is a 28-year-old God-loving mama, wife, nurse, and blogger. Currently in her last 6 months of my graduate studies to become a Family Nurse Practitioner, which she plans to use to practice integrative and functional medicine with a focus on nutritional healing and autoimmune disease. Visit her blog at and subscribe to receive weekly healthy recipes, remedies and to just share in this crazy thing called “life.”

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