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52 Week Savings Challenge - The Snap Mom

52 Week Savings Challenge

Want more money in your pocket? Here is an awesome idea to get you started!

by Kerry Purcell, Home Sweet Organized Home | Staff writer for The Snap Mom

The beginning of a new year often marks the opportunity for new challenges. Whether you call it a goal or a resolution, each new year most people attempt something new. Have you set your goal or identified your New Year’s resolution? If you haven’t done that yet, why not consider a 52-week challenge?

What’s a 52-Week Challenge?

The 52-week challenge is a way to get into the habit of saving money. What family doesn’t want to do a better job of that?

How does the 52-Week Challenge work?

Like most great ideas, this one is super simple. Week 1 you save $1. Week 2 save $2. Week 3 save $3, and so on… Week 52 you will save $52, and with that deposit you will have nearly $1400 in the bank. Saved. Just like that. While $1400 isn’t going to allow you to retire early, it is a good start.

I’m in!  So how do I get started?

Woohoo! I am so happy that you’ve accepted the challenge. Your family will thank you, I promise. Getting started is super simple. Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to saving almost $1400!

•Share this idea with your family. When we tell others, we are more likely to stick with it.

•Write down your promise to stick with the challenge for the full 52 weeks.  Put your note to yourself somewhere where you will see it often.

•Print out the 52-week challenge chart.  Hang it next to your promise.

•Get started with your savings plan.  Open a savings account.  Get a piggy bank.  Put the money in a manila envelope.  Whatever works for you and your family.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Here We Go!

Kerry is a former teacher and principal turned consultant who spends way too many hours on airplanes as she flies across the country supporting leaders in underperforming rural and urban districts. When not lugging a suitcase through an airport, Kerry can be found spending time organizing and decorating her home and enjoying the little things in life. Kerry also works part time as an online instructor for Concordia University and is the founder and developer of the blog,



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