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6 Creative Holiday Traditions You Should Start

6 Creative Holiday Traditions You Should Start

I LOVE #6! That is definitely going to be a new tradition of ours! -Krystle K

By Kim Hill | guest writer for The Snap Mom

Tired of the same old holiday traditions? Or maybe you’re just looking to start one? Well here’s the list for you!

1. Make cookies


But don’t just stop there. Package some up, and deliver them to your favorite community helpers at the police station, fire station or hospital. Deliver them before you head off to bed on Christmas Eve, and thank them for being away from their families to help others.

2. Go on a Hanukkah Hunt


Each night give your child a clue. On the eighth night, let them try to figure it out, and have it lead them to a prize or a fun place.

3. Make a “Night Before Box


Put a book, new pajamas, and some reindeer food in it.

4. Christmas Bath


Adding a drop or two of red or green food coloring will make the water change colors. Throw in some peppermint EO, and add plastic ornaments, candy canes and iridescent glitter to make it magical.

5. Jingle your neighbor


Make a bag with a sign that says, “You’ve been Jingled.” Include a note with a little bit about your family and a treat. Tell them to do the same to another neighbor. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors and lots of fun.

6. Take the “Minivan Express”


As your kids are crawling into bed, have them find a golden ticket. Tell them to get their slippers on and get in the car. Have it stocked with popcorn, candy canes and hot cocoa. Listen to Christmas music. Drive around and look at the lights. A guaranteed winner!

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