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6 Postpartum Things Nobody Warned You About

6 Postpartum Things Nobody Warned You About

I mentioned previously how embarrassing pregnancy can be, now it’s time for some postpartum truths. Don’t worry though, everyone is so busy gushing over the baby, they won’t notice any of this. I can assure you, you will. Fear not- it’s normal, and all goes away eventually. -Krystle K

 1. You leak


Whether it’s where the baby came from or where he/she is feeding from- you are a faucet. Not to mention you cry about everything. 

2. You sweat


It’s hormonal. Your body is working hard to get rid of excess fluids accumulated during pregnancy. Some experience this mostly at night. Tell your hubby to wear a rain jacket to bed. 

3. You can’t poo


Many things cause it: Medication given during birth, hemorrhoids from pushing, lots of starchy, postpartum meal-train food, or fear of tearing stitches. It’s a real bum-mer.

I cried more trying to poo than I did having my baby!

4. Your hair falls out


All that glorious pregnancy growth quickly begins to fall out once you give birth and your estrogen levels decrease. All the shedding is rather alarming, but don’t worry you won’t go bald! A lot of women report this peaking at 3-4 months PP, and it lasts a few months. Two things: remember to clean your drain more often, and check your baby’s fingers and toes for wrapped stands.

5. Your stomach looks like mashed potatoes 


9 months of growing a baby does a doozy on your abs. It’s hard not to be upset about your stomach looking like play dough and the dreaded muffin top but remember – it housed a human! Spanks are worth every penny!

6. Your appetite


Nobody warns you about the insatiable appetite that comes with breastfeeding. You are equally impressed and horrified with how much food you can throw down. Luckily breastfeeding burns a good amount of calories, and there’s always the Spanks!