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7 Steps To Dropping The Extra Weight For Good

7 Steps To Dropping The Extra Weight For Good

Here are 7 easy and attainable steps to a healthier lifestyle. #6 is my favorite. We need to change the way we view food in order to have a healthy relationship with it.

By Aubrey Rissler | Staff Writer for The Snap Mom

You cannot fake your way to a healthy lifestyle. There is no quick fix to becoming the person that you imagine. You need to work hard for it, and gaining a healthy lifestyle is more than just becoming skinny. It is about the journey along the way. There are so many things that you have to learn about yourself, your body, and nutrition. Grinding out workouts on the pavement or getting still and quiet on your mat has to become a daily process. Heal your body, and your soul from the things that you ate or thought in the past. Find reason to keep coming back for what you want. If becoming skinny was all that mattered, then diet would be all that it took. The problem is that it takes dedication, hard work, and a strong mindset to become a healthy, happy, fit you. Here are seven ways that you need to start changing your lifestyle in order to get the healthy and active body you crave.

1. Learn about nutrition.

The more that you understand how much sugar is in one soda or what happens after you drink a Pumpkin Spiced Latte with harmful ingredients in it, including carcinogens, the more that you begin to recognize the need to make a healthier choice. Not because you should feel guilty, but because of what happens to your body when you intake sugar or harmful ingredients. (check out The Snap Mom’s healthy DIY pumpkin latte instead ūüėČ

2. Create a plan.

Find somebody to motivate you. Jump on Instagram and follow inspirational runners or bodybuilders or yoga instructors and become inspired and motivated through outside influences. If you have a plan in action, then you will make steps to achieve it.¬† Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” With that, make future goals. By 33, I want to run the Grand Canyon rim to rim. What’s your future dream?

3. Get an accountability partner.

Find someone to call you each morning and motivate you, get your husband to encourage your new lifestyle or jump on it with you. Find someone you can call when you don’t want to put in the miles or get to the gym. If you like to work out in groups, find a friend that you can call to go work out with to make sure you both stay in it together.

4. Let go of the junk food!

Just do it. Go now. Empty your sweets cabinet, get rid of the sodas, for the love of man, never drink diet soda again. Make sure you are stocked with plenty of fruits to grab when you need a sugar spike. If there is candy, you will find it. Trust me. Many nights pure laziness has saved me from actively driving to the store to get chocolate, and instead reaching for an apple with cinnamon or a tea. Make it hard for yourself to fail, and easy to succeed.

5. Get dressed.

When you wake up in the morning or get home from work change into those yoga pants or running shorts. The closer that you get to doing the work the easier it becomes. Now you only have one thing standing between you and a workout, the first step.

6. Begin looking at food in a new light.

It’s fuel to get your body to do what you need. Of course you can still enjoy your food; there is no reason why being healthy should deter you from loving food.

7. Drink water.

Go on, drink another glass. Spruce it up with a squeeze of lemon. Just don’t fool yourself into believing that flavored water is equal to plain water. Unless you’re infusing with fresh fruit just stick to quality H2O.

There you have it. Some simple tools to kickstart your new lifestyle to health. Adopt one or two or all of these if you can. Just make sure that you’re doing the best you can today to plan for who you would like to be in the future.

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