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Motherhood: 7 Things Every New Mom Should Know! - The Snap Mom

Motherhood: 7 Things Every New Mom Should Know!

Hello Snap Moms and Snap Moms-to-be! I have compiled this list out of my own trial and error of being a first time mom! I wish that someone would have told me these 7 things…but hey, YOU get to benefit from my experience! Enjoy! Please feel free to comment below with anything you would want to add to this list.

1- The cleaning can wait!

I have OCD and could not wait to run to my chores the second my firstborn daughter was napping. Looking back I missed out on so many opportunities to sleep or just relax. Now that I have two children and work at night, I have stopped fighting it and given into afternoon naps. Your child, your spouse and everyone else in life will suffer if you don’t rest. There will always be work to do but in order to be the best mommy you can be, you must rest.

2- Your life isn’t over!

I literally googled “what to do with a newborn” after my first child was born. Once the shock of my bump actually turning into a real baby wore off I realized- I had no idea what to do with her! The things I used to do to fill my days didn’t seem possible anymore, but I can assure you, you will get into a rhythm or routine and life will go on and be “normal” again!

3- There will be poop!

Not something you think about as you daydream about cuddling your little angel. You will clean it off of you, your baby, many many outfits, beds, relatives and floors. I can dreadfully admit to cleaning it up off my walls and my toddler’s face **I may have cried** Poop happens and it’s OKAY! ha

4- Pick your battles!

Well meaning relatives and friends will have advice for you or even do things that downright make your blood boil when it comes to your baby. I *try* to remember to accept help when offered, be grateful for any free babysitting I can get ,and let any unwanted or unhelpful advice just roll off my back.

5- There will be play-dates!

The very word play-date totally nauseated me before I had children. It sounded forced and boring. Now they are my oxygen. You see, it’s actually a way to still hang out with your friends! Women are extremely social and having play-dates helps to keep you sane during the transition into the parent world.

6- Remember your spouse!

Our poor hubby’s! Not only did they endure the last 9 months of hormones, cravings and changes- they get totally abandoned during the newborn phase. A beautiful thing about the mother/child bond is the mother’s ability to stay devoted to the child’s every need but this sometimes is at the expense of her partners needs. Go on dates, be affectionate and for goodness sakes- shave your legs! lol

7- This time is fleeting!

Before you know it, you will be packing away all the newborn clothes crying over your first 3month sized outfit. Or is that just me? The first 3 months FLY by. Be present, take lots of pictures, savor the little things. They don’t stay that tiny long.

Hope you have enjoyed “7 Things Every New Mom Should Know!”

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{pictured below: me+my sweet newborn}


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  4. I would add, go with your gut. It can be really overwhelming listening to EVERY bit of advice and every website found in a google search! Listen to advice, sure, but at the end of the day, do what’s best for YOUR family 🙂 There will always be people who disagree with your choices, so don’t worry about other people.