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8 Things Every Woman Wishes She Had Done Before Giving Birth

8 Things Every Woman Wishes She Had Done Before Giving Birth

8 Things Every Woman Wishes She Had Done Before Giving Birth

By Krystle K

When you are pregnant, there is so much focus on getting to 40 weeks, giving birth, and meeting your sweet baby that many things get overlooked or taken for granted during your pregnancy. And not to burst any bubbles, but… once baby comes… you kind of get sucked into a newborn vortex that will ensure you have no time for anything but baby for the first little while. It’s great, but a vortex, nevertheless.

Here’s our list of 8 things you should do before giving birth:

 1. Go on a Babymoon

This is a way for you and your spouse to squeeze in one last getaway together before the baby comes. Traveling with an infant is totally doable but can be very stressful. Some quality one-on-one time to regroup and reconnect before birth will not be regretted. If you already have children, then this is even more important because you probably haven’t been away together in a while.

 2. Pamper Yourself

Hair, nails, massage, the works! Once you are an around-the-clock milk maid, squeezing in 3 hours at the spa or salon is near impossible! (Don’t worry,we’ve got your back. Check out our easy-peasy DIY section and bring the spa to your home.)

 3.Take LOOOOOONG Showers

All the veteran mommies are giving me a big “amen” right now because long, hot and relaxing showers are a thing of the past once your sweet bundle requires your love and attention 24/7 (regardless of how badly you smell or how greasy your hair looks). Side note: babywearing in the shower is probably the best idea ever!

 4. Sleep

You may feel like sleep is a thing of  the past now that you are up peeing half the night, but just wait my friend… You are at least probably getting a few long stretches in there somewhere. Even when the baby is finally asleep, you will be up in the night obsessively staring at them to make sure they are breathing. Sound insane? Just wait…when you are that crazy mom waiting to see their chest rise, you’ll think of me and laugh.

5. Eat a Meal Uninterrupted

You wouldn’t think feeding yourself would be such a great feat with a newborn, but it is just about impossible! There were many days I would end up in tears because I was reheating the same dish for the 4th time and was starving! (That’s why Meal Trains are a God-send! Make sure to have one set up for your family after baby arrives)

6. Go Swimming

Nothing feels better on a big ole prego body than to be weightless. Swimming is relaxing, calming and will save you if you are unfortunate enough to be in your 3rd trimester sweating yourself silly during the summertime. You are cautioned not to swim at all for up to 6 weeks postpartum due to risk of infection, so get it all in now my little fishies!

 7. Sex..

For some women the idea of intimacy during pregnancy is more nauseating than actual pregnancy sickness, but just like the “6-week no swimming rule”, you are also cautioned to avoid sex for about the same amount of time postpartum. It can be very difficult postpartum to find the energy when you are in the middle of newborn survival haze to feel up for it so… beach ball and all, give it a go…

 8. Enjoy Your Bump!

We spend so much time anticipating the baby that we can sometimes miss the moment and not be present in the now. I know so many mamas who talk about missing their bumps and missing feeling those baby kicks. 9 months can feel like an eternity (or prison sentence for those who just aren’t the “glowing” type) but it really is a blink of an eye in retrospect. Rub your belly, talk to your child, take pictures of your bump and non-existent feet, and enjoy the peace of having your baby as close to you as they will ever be.



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