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A Summer to Remember- Awesome Ideas and Activities

A Summer to Remember- Awesome Ideas and Activities

Summer can be daunting for parents! Check out these awesome ideas to make the best of your summer break.

by Aubrey Rissler | staff writer for The Snap Mom

Everyone knows summer draws out the home BBQs, the sunny days outdoors, and the beach bodies. Here are a few ideas for you and your family as you try to beat the heat and enjoy the warmer weather.

Work It Mama!

Take your workout routine to the finest scenery you could image: outdoors. If the beach or a park are an option for you, then try a new yoga routine or running path through the natural beauty. It just might change your perspective from difficult to wonderful. This act could set your day on a reflective and meditative course, which has been proven to make people happier, increase Vitamin D intake, and create repeat behaviors (so you might actually make it out tomorrow, too!)

Water Play 

On the days you’re sitting in the AC (again) because you can’t imagine sweating outside, grab some homemade popsicles or smoothies, and find a local pool. You can also create a homemade “sprinkler park” for toddlers. That cool and weightless feeling can’t be beat, and if you want a quick fix, don’t underestimate the fun of the hose or an outdoor game of tag in the sprinklers. Not only will they be happy, busy, and active, but your grass will love the extra water.

Neighborhood Friends

Get the neighborhood involved! Create a fun invite with the kiddos for a neighborhood cookout. It can be a great time to create community and get to know the people that live around your home. Bonus! you just might find a delicious new recipe to use for your next family gathering. Make it lighthearted, fun, and easy. Pick a Saturday morning, find a local spot, and see what others contribute.

Movie Night 

Whether you have teens or toddlers, an outdoor movie screening would be fun. Grab some old blankets and sheets to lay down, find some lawn chairs, and extra pillows to lounge. Make some finger foods, easy eats, and summery drinks to share. I love air-popped popcorn with a little coconut oil, salt, and nutritional food yeast for a healthier “movie snack” option. Set up a big screening, and make it a grand event. I’m sure the kids won’t forget it.


Whether you live near a real camp site and feel the thrill of adventure seeping in your bones, or would feel more comfortable within the confines of your backyard, camping can be fun for all ages. Let teens set themselves up outside and see if they can make it through the night, or make it a great family outing. Either way, there will be guaranteed memories.

Indoor Ideas 

Best of luck this summer to your family from mine. Make it a summer you look back on as joyful and fun, a great use of time, and a few months of great family bonding!

 About the author:

Aubrey Rissler is a part-time writer and full-time nanny. She graduated from the University of South Florida with a magazine journalism degree. Aubrey is passionate about travel, health, and yoga. Follow her on Instagram: @srqyoga