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Babies Sleep in Miniature Hammocks at Brazilian Hospital To Replicate Womb VIDEO

Babies Sleep in Miniature Hammocks at Brazilian Hospital To Replicate Womb VIDEO

This is incredible! Brazil is really stepping up their game. After slashing infant mortality rates in half with their breastmilk bank networks, I’m not at all surprised that they have adapted such an innovative sleep solution for their infants.

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Hospital staff in Marilia, Brazil have come up with an innovative sleeping solution for newborn babies. Instead of being placed in conventional cots newborns at the University Hospital of Marilia are resting snugly in miniature hammocks.


The nurses believe the womb-like nature of hammocks make it an ideal bed for full-term and premature babies. For premature babies, ‘hammock incubators’ are said to help with weight gain, general maturity and auditive and visual functions.


According to nurses at the hospital the idea has been developed as a way of maintaining the natural foetal position. The nurses also say the hammocks are more comfortable than normal cots or beds.The babies appear to be at complete ease as they close their eyes and sleep in the mini-hammocks while being monitored by hospital staff.


The nurses can be seen placing the babies on a suspended flannel. The flannels come in a multitude of colours and they are regularly washed and kept as hygienically clean as possible.