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Baby With Down Syndrome Surprises Wedding Guests! - The Snap Mom

Baby With Down Syndrome Surprises Wedding Guests!

“Down Syndrome does not define who Braden is or what he will be able to do.”

About the video: “Down Syndrome doesn’t define my son, but it does create challenges that he works through every day. We do therapy at home once a week. We worked for months learning how to walk: something most parents take for granted, including me with my first two children. He walked down that aisle like he owned it! It’s hard to put that moment into words. It was super emotional! I was extremely proud, happy, and excited all while ugly crying. He will not be defined by DS, but he will be defined by all the love and support from us, his family, and his friends.”– Jenny Mayer (Braden’s Mom)

Video: Jessica Overholt 


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