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Beautiful and Hilarious Full Term Belly Photos - Page 22 of 39 - The Snap Mom

Beautiful and Hilarious Full Term Belly Photos

full term 22

I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum! I was so grateful to befull term. Here, I was 38 weeks! I went all the way to 41 weeks, & they induced me! The last few weeks were spent puking the least and not in and out of L & D! I enjoyed my last couple weeks being able to eat and enjoy the day! Little did I know my platelet count was down, and I couldn’t even get an epidural! He was more than worth everything I went though! Having a baby is scary, but in a split second. It all changes and you’re a mother. That’s when you know! It really was worth it! He is my light, I would do it all again. He is healthy and growing so big. He is my world. -Autumn Dawn Boggs

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