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How to Have a Beautiful Hospital Birth - The Snap Mom

How to Have a Beautiful Hospital Birth

A lot of women have asked me what kind of birth I plan to have this time around. I am planning on having a beautiful hospital birth and I found this article to be very helpful! I had my first at a birth center and my second at a hospital and number three will be born at a hospital again! I do plan on laboring at home a good while but I also plan on transforming my hospital room into a beautiful space! I will be making a similar door hanging to the one seen below!

natural birth



Having a home birth can be a beautiful experience; natural lighting beaming through the windows, candles burning, music playing, while you are surrounded by loved ones and all your personal stuff. Nothing beats being in an atmosphere that makes you feel safe and cozy while giving birth to your baby.

But not everyone feels comfortable giving birth at home and every mom should feel good about making the choice that’s right for her. So I try to support them in any way I can to help them have the most beautiful birth experience possible where ever that may be.

Let’s face it, the typical hospital room can be a pretty sterile environment, but there are things you can do to totally change the whole vibe and energy of the room. It is important that you feel good in your birth space, where ever that is. Think of places you have been where you feel good; maybe it was a friend’s house, or a vacation spot or even a certain room in your own home. What was it about that place that made you feel good? Now think of places you have been that you didn’t feel so good – where you felt stressed, anxious and not at peace. What was it about that place that had you feeling bad?

It’s all about energy, certain places can affect your own energy. When I go in the birth room with a client, the first thing I do is create a sacred space of peace and calm, this space holds the energy for everyone that’s in the room.

Here are a few things that I do to make the birth space more peaceful:

1. The first thing I do is turn off the lights and use the natural daylight. If it’s nighttime, I light up the room with flameless candles (you can buy them at Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target or

2. I use aromatherapy oils of clary sage (muscle relaxant, anti-stress and helps ease pain) and lavender (to calm  and relax) during the first part of labor. When labor becomes more active, I switch to a mix of orange (uplifts the spirit  and yang / ylang (for second chakra and to relieve anxiety). Because hospitals won’t allow anything with flames, I bring an electrical aromatherapy diffuser and burn oils throughout the whole birthing process. You can find them online through Amazon. I massage the head with sandalwood oil to calm the mind and massage the feet with oils of pine or cedar to help ground energy .

3. When preparing my clients for birth one of the things I have them do is to make a birthing playlist. Songs that have meaning or that they would love for the baby to come into the world being born to. In the meantime I bring my own healing music and play during the first part of labor. A few artists I like to use are Anything Liquid  Mind, Deuter or Shajan. You can create a whole vibe just by music alone – just make sure you bring speakers for your iPod.

4. Bring photos of loved ones both living or deceased, your baby’s ultrasound picture, your dog… whoever or whatever inspires you or whose energy you want to be there with you.

5. If you have time to stop, grab some flowers, there are always gift shops in hospitals that sell flowers. Or when someone comes to visit have them bring some for you. Nothing brightens up a room more then fresh flowers.

6. Bring your own pillow – I’m sorry but the hospital pillows suck. If you want to be super cozy, bring your own and a blanket as well.

7. VERY important – Be picky with whom you allow in the room . Everyone holds a certain energy, have you been around people that you don’t feel so good when you are with them and others you feel great? Allow the ones you feel great around and supported by in the room. Everyone’s presence in the room is contributing to the energy that you want to feel , so be selective with who you invite.