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Which Birth Dates Are Most Common?

Which Birth Dates Are Most Common?

Based on the fact that my babies were June and August, I’d say we fall right into the trend haha!  –Krystle K


NPR data journalist Matt Stiles posted this informative infographic of the most common birth dates in the United States.

Infographic Illustrates Most Common Birthdays, Baby-Making DaysEXPAND

It was constructed using data compiled by Harvery Kennedy School professor of public policy Amitabh Chandra, and later publishedin the New York Times. Chandra’s table relies exclusively on birth date figures from 1973 to 1999.

A couple of fun facts: The most popular birth date is September 16th; the least popular date is split between February 29th (no duh) and December 25th (there can be only one?). As for the prevalency of September birth dates — well, let’s just say it takes a lot of alcohol to get through the holiday season in one piece.

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