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Birth Story: Identical Twins! - The Snap Mom

Birth Story: Identical Twins!

Don’t you guys know by now that I just love a good birth story?! Definitely one of my favorite things to share with you all! Each story is so unique and personal, and I value each one for their own details. The following birth story is from one of our very own admins, Jenn Graber! She tells the whirlwind story of her twin daughters’ vaginal births. Take it away Jenn!

 The story of our twins starts in July of 2010 when we went in for our 20 week ultrasound. We went in to find out the sex of our baby only to hear the tech say, “ Oh! Congrats! You’re having twins!!” We were simultaneously shocked, excited, and totally freaking out. And I was thinking…. “There’s no way two babies are inside of me, much less coming out!!!” But, alas, we found out that in November we would be having identical twin girls. Suddenly I was swimming in all things pink and pig tails and princesses. My due date was projected to be on November 22, 2010 so we had about 4 months of sanity before our world would be changed forever. I had an awesome pregnancy, considering it was twins. Although truth be told, the first trimester is preferably not relived since I was either hugging the toilet or a couch. We found out at one of our ultrasounds that the girls had a little bit of twin to twin transfusion, which basically meant our eldest was getting a little more nutrition since they shared a placenta. They told me that our goal was to carry them as long as I could, and we were praying our hearts out that we would hit at least 37 weeks and be able to avoid a c-section. It was assumed that since we were having twins, we would most likely be having a c-section and I was terrified of even having an epidural so the possibility of a c-section was not a welcoming thought. 

At my 37-week appointment we found out that our youngest, Baby B, was tapering off in her growth… so they scheduled an induction for the very next day. THE NEXT DAY?!?! I asked my doctor, “Uh, tomorrow?” His reply was, “Yes. Do you have any other plans?” Funny, I guess I’ll just put it in my planner to push out two babies tomorrow morning. No big deal, right? I remember calling my mom on the way home sobbing because I didn’t feel ready and I was panicking. Hahah! I kept thinking I had at least another week…

Our induction was scheduled for 7:15 on November 2nd. I seriously could NOT sleep that night. My husband kept telling me to go to bed, but seriously, when has that ever worked with a nesting pregnant woman?? I finally clocked out at midnight and the next morning we were so eager to go meet our babies! Once I got comfy in my moo-moo hospital gown, they began my induction at about 9:15. I was dead set on not having an epidural even though they tried their hardest to persuade me. Clearly, I had never done this before. They even had the anesthesiologist come and try to educate me on how smart it was to seriously consider having an epidural, especially in the event that they would need to do an emergency c-section if one of the twins was stressed or flipped after Baby A made her glorious debut. So, we decided that I would labor as long as I could then I’d ask for it when I felt I needed it. Well, let me just say first that induction is awful. (Since having a home birth with our second with no pain meds, I can now confidently say that I would gladly do an unmedicated birth before being induced again.) I was already at 3 cm before the induction so from about 9:30 to 1:00 I just chilled out in bed and felt slight contractions come and go. Then at 1:00pm the doctor came in and broke my water. This brought on an onslaught of contractions from hell. I had no break and could not catch up between contractions. It was horrifying. I lasted until 2:00 then begged for the epidural. I knew once I started saying things that probably shouldn’t be spoken, I needed it. They had trouble getting the needle in which was. NOT. COOL.  Once they let me move to a level surface on the bed they popped it in no problem and I was in a state of pain-free bliss. My doctor came in and said “See, I was right, wasn’t I?” Ha! Yes, doc, you sure were. From 2:00pm until 4:00 I lingered between 3 and 4 cm. The nurses checked me, fully expecting me to be there for most of the day or evening and possibly into the next morning. Meanwhile I rested and listened to music until they came back at 4:00 to check me and what do you know? I had gone from 4 to 10 cm in an hour!!!! They raced me to the operating room where we needed to be in case of an emergency c-section. Both babies were head down, ready to meet us! Thank you, Jesus!!!! We had probably close to 10 people in that operating room running around like squirrels trying to prep for this speedy birth. My poor husband was stuck under that back side of the bed holding my hand over the side of the bed. Ha! Bless his heart, he gets really squeemish in these situations so he was more than happy to stay out of everyone’s way. Then it was time to push! Even though it was hard to feel contractions, the nurses were super helpful with communicating with me when to push. Kirra Brielle was our Baby A born at 4:32pm with 3 or 4 pushes, was 18 inches long, and weighed 4lbs 12 oz. Kiana Jade, Baby B, was born at 4:35pm with only 1 or 2 pushes, was 17 inches long, and weighed 4lbs 6oz. Both with heads loaded with gorgeous dark hair. Only 3 minutes separated our sweet baby girls and I was a complete puddle of tears hearing one baby’s first cry then thinking,”There’s another one yet.” They were laid on my chest, and I just remember feeling so in love and a little overwhelmed, but so thankful for my little girls. We were in and out of that operating room in about 20-30 minutes. Even the doctors and nurses were amazed at how smooth everything went. Both babies were born vaginally and had no complications other than having hardly any fat on them, which affected their body temperatures but was easily taken care of with some skin to skin. God answered our prayers so many times and blessed us with an amazing experience with our nurses, doctors, and hospital. We can’t thank Him enough for the joy He has brought us through our now 3-year-old girls who are happy, healthy, and thriving. They are unique in their individual personalities and have an irreplaceable bond. We just celebrated their 3rd birthday, and I can’t believe how fast the last 3 years have gone. We love and are so proud of our sweet girls and look forward to many more adventures with our twinnies in the years to come!



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