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DIY Black Drawing Salve

DIY Black Healing Salve

Black Healing Salve

By Krystle K

My husband’s family has Amish roots and for years I’ve been told about this magical salve that the Amish use on everything (kinda like the windex from My Big Fat Greek Wedding). They call it Hillaschmer, which is Pennsylvania Dutch for “healing smear” or also known as Union Salve. They use it for skin irritations and drawing out problems such as infections, ingrown toenails, wood splinters, glass shards, insect poison, etc. My husband’s parents said that was all they had growing up. My father-in-law actually said he didn’t even see over the counter creams like Neosporin until he was in his 20s!

I had never thought about making some until recently…embarrassing content alert…… 

My body is extremely sensitive, which is a big part of the reason behind my natural approach to everything (my sisters and my dad call it a “Kay thing”, because we all have similar issues). I have been hospitalized from a reaction due to pain medication, antibiotics always make me incredibly sick, and I have had to adjust my diet to more of a GAPS style to avoid constant reflux from food sensitivities. Whitney J laughs at me because she has an “iron gut” and could probably eat raw chicken and be fine. One lick of ice cream or one bite of something fried and I’m reaching for the apple cider vinegar and raw honey (I try to avoid taking essential oils internally because they are as powerful as antibiotics and can mess with gut flora, BUT when I have a terrible stomach ache, 1 drop of peppermint oil in a glass of water will sort it out instantly).

Anyway, back to why I needed healing salve….

I made a crucial error recently, and in a rush I decided to dry-shave my armpits. I know better. I did this when I was living in Fiji and afterwards suffered from huge boils because my hair follicles became infected. GROSS. The island I was living on was so small you could walk around it in a few hours; needless to say, they had nothing to treat it. The locals kept telling me to put Vicks on it, and by the time I made it back to the states I had to rush to the ER and get it lanced. I’ll leave out the gory details, but my armpit was a hot mess, so why I chose to make this mistake again is beyond me… This time around, within a few days of shaving, I not only had a killer rash but I could feel small balls in my armpit and I knew what had happened. Within 24 hours there was one the size of a peach pit, and that’s where the Hillaschmer came in. I actually called my friend Chanelle’s husband (a 4th-year med student) and begged for him to lance it and save me some time (as we were flying to Europe the following day) but he said there was no way he would come near a pregnant woman with a scalpel! So I got to work drawing the infection out myself. 

It turns out that most of the Hillaschmer recipes use petroleum, pine tar, and carbonic acid… SO, I set out to find a more Snap Mom approved version.

Before you read the ingredients and get overwhelmed, remember I only do easy-peasy. I don’t have time for anything super involved or complicated with two toddlers. This is simple to make and seriously took less than an hour.

Black Healing Salve

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Additional options: 1 tsp of Vitamin E oil, 2 tsp Green Tea Powder and 10 drops each Lavender, Tee tree and Eucalyptus Oil

*Not the DIY type?

Buy a drawing salve here -> Hylands Homeopathic PRID Salve


  1. Combine Bentonite clay, activated charcoal and essential oils in large glass bowl
  2. Combine beeswax and calendula in a double boiler (I didn’t have one, so I just put a glass bowl over a pot of water) and heat on med-low until wax is completely melted
  3. Slowly mix melted wax with powdered mix
  4. Pour salve into an air-tight glass jar and let cool until it hardens

*I added another element to this to help speed up the drawing effect by using heat. I used the black salve (in replacement for just straight castor oil) and used the castor oil pack method and the boils were completely gone within a few days.

Additional Notes:

  • This is terrific for healing up pimples, bug bites, rashes, and drawing out splinters
  • A little goes a LONG way, it’s pretty messy
  • For small areas the best treatment is to keep the salve on for up to 12 hours under a bandaid


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Me mid pit-cleanse 😉


*Recipe courtesy of Bulk Herb Store Blog


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