Birth Stories

Whitney J’s Live Updated Birth

We thought it would be fun to keep all of you in the loop during Whitney J's Natural Hospital Birth! Updates will be posted by Krystle K in this blog post, so keep checking back!  

Beautiful C-Section Moments Caught on Camera!

These beautiful pictures came to us from The Snap Mom Community! We are so honored that these moms wanted to share the precious moments after delivery! Enjoy! I laid there in the hospital bed, just learning I would be having an emergency ...

5 Things Not to Say to a C-Section Mom

Everyone needs to read this and be aware of what NOT to say to a c-section momma! Share if you have had a c-section! Share if you haven't! Click here for "Beautiful C-Section Moments Caught on Camera!" by Nikki Pennington | staff writer ...

What Every First Time Mom Thinks After Birth

#7 is a bit of a shocker for all FTMs (first time moms). What was your biggest surprise thought?  by Nikki Pennington | Staff Writer for The Snap Mom Let’s be honest, having a baby is very overwhelming, especially your first. You are ...

World’s First Virtual Birth

This is INCREDIBLE!!!! Get ready to cry. Video Source

The Home Water Birth of Krystle K’s Son-VIDEO

Watch the home water birth of Krystle K's 3rd child. Attended by her family, Whitney J and the birth team. This was a fast and smooth delivery and baby Elliott was born partially in the caul!

5 Tips For Bonding With Your NICU Baby

Many parents do not anticipate having to have a child stay in the NICU. This is an extremely emotional experience and can affect the parent's ability to bond with their babies. Here are 5 great tips to help! by Tatum Spruill | staff writer for ...

“Her Water Broke”-Dad Documents Labor-VIDEO

Film maker Casey Neistat documents his cross-country journey to make it on time for wife's birth

The Day My Surrogate Child Was Born

I LOVE BIRTH STORIES! And how cool is this one? Enjoy! To read our interview with this amazing mom, click here   The day you were born, Eliza, was exciting to say the least! If you make all of your entrances the way you did ...

I Was a Surrogate

I have often wondered about surrogacy and how that whole process works! How do you not have a crazy bond with the baby after carrying it for nine months? How does family react when you share the news of your "not-so-yours" pregnancy news? Well, I ...