Birth Stories

The 5 Types of Moms You Meet in Labor and Delivery

I'll be honest... with baby #1 I was The Screaming Mom. No doubt. Back labor will do that to ya. When my own mohter arrived to the birthing center she said she could hear me (loud and clear) in the parking lot. by Nikki Pennington | Staff ...

Water Birth With a Dolphin Doula? VIDEO

Is this crazy or so cool? I'm not sure! Would you consider a birth like this? This couple flew to Hawaii, spent time bonding with a dolphin pod and then delivered with the dolphins all around them. WOW! Talk about a unique birth!

The Sweet Home Birth of Baby Lemma-Video

Ahhhhhh I love birth videos! As mine approaches I love to watch these for inspiration. Video Source: Burgess Coffield

Miracle Baby Born With Two Faces

What an amazing couple! Craniofacial duplication only happens with .4% of twins and only 35 cases have ever been recorded. We are wishing this family all the best! They have named them Hope and Faith. Video Source 

Preparing For My Homebirth by Krystle K

This sweet little human is my son, and I will be meeting him soon. As my birth window approaches, I am joyfully aware that the urge to nest and organize has kicked in. My 2nd trimester was a doozy, and I was worried my energy would never ...

This Husband Provides AMAZING Support During Home Birth-VIDEO

How wonderful to see a couple working together to get through labor! This husband did an outstanding job supporting this momma. Wow! Yay for awesome men!

Cord Wrapped Around Neck and Shoulders, But Relax…Home Birth VIDEO

What a beautiful birth! I love watching natural, med-free deliveries as I am preparing to have my 3rd baby in a few months! My first was born med-free and my second was not. This baby will hopefully be another med-free delivery. I am prepping ...

Couple Gives Birth to Twins: One Black, One White. Beating The Odds of One in a Million

It's sad and shocking that biracial couples still have to endure prejudice in this day and age but even sadder when their children face it also. Video Source | ABC News

4 Reasons Natural Births Are Awesome!

What are your thoughts on this? I have had 2 ALL natural and one medicated and I have to be honest and tell you that in my experience, the medicated one was a much easier recovery, so I am not sure I agree with point number 1. That ...

Doctor Sings To All of His Newborns, Super Sweet or Obnoxious? VIDEO

Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja (AKA The Singing Doctor) is famous for greeting all of his new patients with a song. Would you want him at your birth?  Video Source