Stories to move your heart.

Baby With Down Syndrome Surprises Wedding Guests!

"Down Syndrome does not define who Braden is or what he will be able to do." About the video: "Down Syndrome doesn't define my son, but it does create challenges that he works through every day. We do therapy at home once a week. We worked ...

Pumping Milk in a Humvee…Like a BOSS

This story may be one of my favorites! Meet Trillitye. She posted in The Snap Mom Community about pumping milk in a humvee and I just knew we had to know more about her and her story... Please SHARE to show your love! by Trillitye Paullin ...

Why I Hate World Breastfeeding Week

Here at The Snap Mom, we support all moms. We desire to create space for everyone to be able to have a voice and share their story, in hopes of impacting others in a positive way. This next article may be raw. It may be controversial for some, but ...

Surgeons Perform First Ever Double Hand Transplant on Child-VIDEO

Get ready to fall in love with precious 8-year-old Zion... Meet 8-year-old Zion Harvey. In early July, surgeons at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia performed the complex surgery to attach two donor hands to Zion Harvey, an ...

Heroic 12-year-old Girl with Down Syndrome Saves Sister From Drowning

Tomarra Richardson tells Yahoo Parenting how her 12-year-old disabled daughter rescued her 3-year-old sister from drowning. She hopes the story will show that “even those with disabilities are capable of doing great things — including saving a ...

Heartwarming Moment 8-Year-Old Boy with Cerebral Palsy Finishes Triathlon

8-year-old Bailey Matthews is overcome by the crowd's support and walks across the finish line after a 100m swim, 4km bike ride and 1.3km run with his father. This WILL make you cry, you have been warned. ;) Video Source

First-Grader Finds Out His Best Friend has Cancer

Grab the tissues guys! Video Source

Conjoined Twins Survive 26 Hour Surgery to Separate – VIDEO

This is a medical miracle as far as I am concerned! I cannot imagine how nervous the parents of these twins were during the 26 hour procedure, but you can feel their emotions watching the video!  

Telemarketer’s Call Saves Woman Being Attacked – VIDEO

Watch the latest video at This is absolutely unreal! What a crazy story! Can you imagine what was going through this telemarketer's mind?!?! Story source

Dead Baby Brought Back to Life by Mother (See Child Now)

This sweet boy was brought back to life on his mothers chest 2 hours after he was pronounced dead. (watch video here)   Photo Credit