Pregnant After Rape and Encouraged to Abort, Here’s How My Husband and I Responded

This story absolutely blew me away. What strength and what resolve... by Jennifer Christie | Article Source Last January, I was traveling on business, staying in a little hotel in a college town. I like to think I’m usually more aware ...

The Thank You Project – A Mother Finds The People Who Saved Her Son’s Life

Warning: GRAB THE TISSUES. This one is a doozie....... Video Source: ArnoldPalmerHospital

My Worst Day as a Mom

Ohhhhh what?!?!?! Moms are allowed to have bad days AND talk about them? YES! Last summer I had a terrible time and my husband asked me if I was over being a mom!!! (read about that here) Share if you have ever had a bad day as a mom! ...

Choose to Know: Down Syndrome Testing

What are your thoughts about this? I personally always decline the tests because if my baby were to be down syndrome, I would keep her/him. But I had never thought about getting the tests so I could get better care lined up etc. Very interesting ...

Pentatonix will get you in the Christmas spirit with this VIDEO

Ugh, these people blow me away...every time!

See Why Parents Decided to Have Half Their Daughter’s Brain Removed-VIDEO

This story is remarkable. You will be shocked to learn that these parents decided to have half of their daughters brain removed, all to improve her quality of life...

Mother Hears Daughter’s Heartbeat Once Again After She Finds Transplant Recipient- VIDEO

A beautiful encounter between two moms that will touch your heart. Video Source: lordofpraise

Because Everyone Matters: Paralyzed Boy’s Inspirational Message To Us All

Cashel will inspire you and remind you not to judge a book by it's cover. What a terrific voice for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)! -Video Source: Everyone Matters

‘I love him so much’: Brother’s Bond with Special Needs Sibling Will Melt Your Heart

Grab the tissues. What an incredible brother! Video Source: Today News Zachary Upshaw is honored by his mom and dad for the compassion and kindness he shows to his 18-year-old brother Austin who has cerebral palsy, a disability that causes ...

179 years old man found in India: “Death has forgotten me”

Not baby related... but still really fascinating! by DAVID | Originally published on A retired cobbler from northern India, Mahashta Mûrasi, claims he was born in January 1835, making him not only the oldest man on earth, but the oldest ...