Baby Born with Two Front Teeth!

Have you ever heard of this happening before? This would have been quite a shock! Source: VIVA

Wife Leaves Husband Speechless with Her Photo Booth Confession-VIDEO

Nothing sweeter than an emotional new daddy..... Video Source: Jessica Devins

Baking Soda Gender Test

Are you a believer in the old wife's tales? Video Source: britneyandbaby 

Parenting Life Hacks You NEED To KNOW

I'm doing the toilet paper wall indicator ASAP! Do you do any of these? Video Source: Nata Fly  

I Was a Surrogate

I have often wondered about surrogacy and how that whole process works! How do you not have a crazy bond with the baby after carrying it for nine months? How does family react when you share the news of your "not-so-yours" pregnancy news? Well, I ...

6 Things You Should NOT Say To a New Mom

Entering the world of parenting is a tough gig and hurtful comments do not make it any easier.  by Nikki Pennington | Staff Writer for The Snap Mom I recall very vividly being a young and scared new mom. The day we were discharged from the ...

Whitney J’s Birth Plan

I have been asked by our fans to share my hospital birth plan after I referred to it in our SNAPtv Episode, "Why I'm Having a Home Birth...and Why I am Definitely Not". (watch here) I have *most* of the following approved by my doctors and ...

4 Comments Every Mom is Tired of Hearing About Their Child’s Eczema

The list of comments is endless, not to mention the stares and suggestions from strangers and well-meaning family and friends. I have put together a list of comments all moms of children with eczema have heard at least once. by Nikki Pennington | ...

Adults Taste Baby Food

bahahahaha "almost ripped the flesh off of my lip" Do you like to eat baby food? Video Source: BuzzFeedYellow 

Choose to Know: Down Syndrome Testing

What are your thoughts about this? I personally always decline the tests because if my baby were to be down syndrome, I would keep her/him. But I had never thought about getting the tests so I could get better care lined up etc. Very interesting ...