Pics of Kids Destroying Life…

If you are a parent, one of the scenarios may look familiar! Ha! I think my favorite is the kid who put all of his books in the toilet! did he reallllly feel about those books? Haha

Toddler Breaks Down When He Meets His Heros

How sweet is this?   ABC News Reports: "Don't worry about 2-year-old Quincy Kroner crying in the photo above. He's just happy he got to meet his heroes. Turns out the guys in the truck are fans of Quincy, too. Kroner said ...

This Has The Potential To Save Your Child’s Life- All Parents Should Watch This Video

On average, a child dies every 2 weeks from a TV, furniture or appliance falling onto him or her. There are simple ways to prevent accidents and this clip will show you how. Video Source: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

3 Things You Need to Know About Your Child’s Car Seat

 Check out these 3 great car seat tips! We all want to keep out little ones safe, here's how. by Donna Quillan | guest writer for The Snap Mom As parents, we often make decisions for our children. We teach them right from wrong. We ...

Watch a Grown Man Act Like a 4 Year-Old in a Pool! VIDEO

This is so accurate it's hilariously scary! Hahahahahaha. Ohhhhh toddlers...

Conversations With My 2 Year Old, Reenacted by a Full-grown Man- VIDEO

Everyday toddler conversations take on a whole new level of crazy when you throw a grown-up in the mix. Watch this hilarious reenactment! Created by Matthew Clarke

Toddler Buys Car Off eBay Using Parents’ Smartphone VIDEO

Say what?!?!?!?! Oh my goodness this is hilarious! They kept the car! I would say this story may come up at her wedding!

Watch What Really Happens When Toddlers See You Angry VIDEO They may seem adorably clueless at times, but it turns out that toddlers are surprisingly savvy about the grown-ups in their lives--and a new video proves it. Posted recently to YouTube by the University ...

Must See LED Baby Halloween Costume VIDEO

  How fun are these parents?! This is the cutest costume and also frightening at the same time. I would probably scream like a little girl if I were being chased by this stick baby! Bahahahaha

Toddlers Get Into Heated Debate About The Weather. Their Responses are Hilarious! VIDEO

      I pretty much felt every emotion possible during this short two-minute clip, pity for this sweet little boy who is outnumbered by a gang of girls and pride in the middle child who is trying to be the peacemaker. By the ...