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Make the most of this Holiday Season with these great ideas!

by Christina Soderberg | Staff Writer for The Snap Mom

As I’m writing this, there are 25 days until (gasp) CHRISTMAS!

My heart started to go into panic mode about to-do lists, preparations, traditions…How does the Christmas season just appear so quickly? What is there to do?

• Party prep
• Gift prep
• Family time prep
• Pictures for cards

Amidst the to-do lists and the prep work for the upcoming Holiday Season, are you looking for a simple, easy, activity you can do daily with your family? Something that incorporates the family values you want to start or continue to build in your family?
I remember growing up and having an advent calendar starting on December 1st. My family was competitive… seeing who could get to the calendar first, open the day, and get the candy quickly became a problem. It was becoming the focus of the advent calendar – ha! I think eventually we each had our own advent calendar to open as the sibling rivalry and competition never stopped☺
When it came time to begin traditions of our own, I came across an advent calendar idea that went along with a reading from a Children’s Bible. It incorporated a daily activity to do with your children according to their age and development. I LOVE it! The activities and Bible reading are a daily-anticipated part of December for us.

 Look no further than this Christmas Advent Calendar, with a twist.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones

There are 24 stories in this Children’s Bible that tie in with the Christmas Story.

2. Word Document with the stories and activities.

Linked here: Christmas – Advent calendar
— Change the activities according to what you want your family to focus on for the Holiday Season. For example; I wanted serving others, giving to others, and family time to be the focus of the advent calendar. Here are some samples…
• Drive to a store and donate to the Salvation Army without going in the store
• Family movie night in PJs with a friend’s family and share a treat.
• Wrap and deliver gifts to a pregnancy center.
• Have a living room dance party with Christmas Music.
• Buy a gift for the giving tree and wrap it.
• Make snow/sand angels.

— Put a backing on the paper of scrapbook paper or contact paper and cut them out.12239947_10153274348161964_993412766874434634_n

3. Use any Advent Calendar.

Or just buy miniature clothespins at any craft store ($1.50), string to hang the clothespins ($2), and hang the string and the cards. Voila – custom advent calendar.

Below is the Advent Calendar I found last year and LOVE it!

Regardless of where you are on your to do lists for Christmas – take a deep breath and enjoy the simple things!

About the author


Christina loves to sing, write, and live life to the fullest. She is a writer for and CEO of the home;) She two sweet littles who stole her heart. Check out her blog! HERE