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Customized Wrist Bands Keeping Children Safe

Customized Wrist Bands Keeping Children with Special or Medical Needs Safe

These are so great! Share this with those in your life who have children with special or medical needs!


Alert Me Bands are the simple, low cost solution that communicates who to call in an emergency as well as alerts others of ANY medical, special needs, allergies, disability or mental illness.
At least a dozen calls and emails come in daily with stories of how the Alert Me Band reunited child to caregiver quickly and successfully! $22.95 is such a small price to pay for an accessory that lessens the chance that your son or daughter’s status goes from ‘wandered away briefly’ to ‘Missing Child Amber Alert.’ 


“Received our sons bracelet yesterday, Thank you so much! I feel better with him wearing it! I mainly got it because he would have meltdowns at his after school daycare and parents and other children would judge him and talk about him. I’m trying to raise awareness about his disability through his bracelet when I can’t be around to defend him. I’m also excited to take him to big events, and IF he gets away from us, knowing he’ll be safe if an adult confronts him if he can’t give them his info.” -Monique Cantrell


“Today my son Cyrus, who has Autism, went missing. There was a 5k color in motion run going on right in front of our house. We alerted police who were stationed everywhere along the course. Then my husband received a phone call. Someone had found Cyrus and found our numbers on his alert me band. It was so scary. When I picked him up he was decked out in race gear and saying he had fun. Thank you alert me bands!!!!!” – Renee Williams