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De-clutter Your Mind: Tackling the To-Do List {guest post} - The Snap Mom

De-clutter Your Mind: Tackling the To-Do List {guest post}

Do you feel like you have a looming cloud of tasks over you? Well today our resident Personal Organizer and Life Coach, Pam Keller, from Simplify with Pam, is going to give us 7 easy steps to de-clutter our minds! 


Starting every day with a comprehensive to-do list will streamline and simplify your schedule. It will guarantee effective time management, allow you to accomplish the maximum amount of tasks, and create a productive environment where you can be focused and continuously on-task. Most importantly, effective to-do lists free you from stressful and overwhelming days and enable you to do the things you want todo after you’ve accomplished the things you have to do! -Pam Keller from Simplify with Pam

How to create an effective to-do list for the day:

1. Have index cards, sticky notes, a pad of paper, or scrap paper readily available at key points in your home—car visor, nightstand, kitchen counter, desk, etc.

2. Jot down ideas that pop into your head randomly during the day, effectively de-cluttering your mind of these tasks and getting them down on paper for later use.

3. At night before bed [or first thing in the morning], make a list of everything that you want to accomplish. By writing everything down, you totally de-clutter your brain of stressful and pressing tasks that you don’t want to slip through the cracks. Don’t forget to include mundane but necessary everyday tasks that take time [i.e., exercise, kid’s carpool, shower, animals, etc.]. Your list isn’t realistic if it doesn’t take into account 2 hours worth of necessary tasks.

4. Evaluate your list and move what you know is impossible to a new list for another day. Make the list realistic according to your schedule, your resources, and your energy reserves!

5. Prioritize what is left—highlight what HAS to be done or number each item in order of importance. Don’t move to #2 until #1 is done. Don’t get sidetracked by items of less importance in avoidance of more important but less popular tasks!

6. VERY IMPORTANT!!! When you finish an item, cross it off of the list. This serves as a little reward and motivation as well as providing a true view of what has been done and what remains.

7. At the end of the day, review your list, update it, and start a new one for the next day including any items that didn’t get done today or that were moved to tomorrow.

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