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Dear Dr. Who Wanted Me to Abort My Son...

Dear Dr. Who Wanted Me to Abort My Son…

dear-dr-who-wanted-me-to-abort-my-son“A study showed that 93% of babies diagnosed with down syndrome while in the womb were aborted. Some say they have no quality of life, that they may have multiple medical conditions. My son has heart problems, that’s why God made cardiologists. My son has GI problems, that’s why God made gastroenterologists. My son has hearing problems, that’s why God made audiologists. My son has vision problems, that’s why God made ophthalmologists. My son has development problems, that’s why God made therapists. My son may never get to live on his own and will most likely need help caring for himself for the rest of his life, that’s why God made me. In the last 5 months I’ve watched my son overcome many obstacles. He cries, he laughs, he smiles, he frowns, he “talks” to me and tries to mimic noises that I make. I think his quality of life is just like any other. Some people wait a lifetime to meet their hero, I’m raising mine.” -Tatum Spruill

Tatum Spruill is clearly a strong and determined mother, full of love. This amazing mother told me that she was asked at every appointment until she was 7 months along, if she wanted to have an abortion. The strength of a mother. The love of a mother. Powerful.

She had no idea that her post (above) was going to blow up on Facebook. Her words have touched thousands. Please SHARE to get her message out there.



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