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Dear Mom, You Are Enough

Dear Mom, You Are Enough

Dear Mom, You Are Enough

By Krystle K.


Dear Mom,

The days are long, the laundry piles high and the dishes don’t quit.
Some days the mom life is effortless and you skate through with happy healthy children, a full heart and a spotless home. Other days you watch the clock waiting for naptime, praying for the grace to get by as you play cook, cleaner, teacher, doctor and personal assistant to demanding miniature people who don’t understand why you want to pee alone as you silently wonder what you have gotten yourself into.
I know for myself I dreamed of the day when I would hold my precious baby and we would have this perfect life together filled with adventure and excitement… only to be faced with the shocking reality of how trapped and terrified I felt at times in the early days of infancy.
Before you get offended, please know that I am well aware of how awe-inspiring life and children are and what a privilege it is to be able to work from home, have a home and even own dirty dishes.
Before I had children I spent the majority of my adult life traveling to third world countries working to improve living conditions and bring aid and hope to impoverished people groups. I have seen firsthand what it looks like days after a natural disaster has shut down a whole nation. I have seen death and disease, I have walked down broken streets and I have gazed into the sweet but downcast eyes of people with no clean water and no hope.
So, I am well and painfully aware of how small, insignificant and “first world” my problems are. But for whatever reason, it’s hard to have perspective when I’ve been up with my teething two-year-old most of the night or riding the emotional waves of my toddler.
The book “The Ragamuffin Gospel” has spoken to me greatly and helped me identify the root of my struggle and the struggle that I feel many moms have.
It’s hard to believe that being a parent is enough.
My identity had been in my job in the past and now my identity has completely changed.
I am now a mother.
It is not a job, it is a title.
One that I wear proudly.
A role that has changed everything.
A role that stays in constant motion.
A role that forces me to constantly lay down my life for someone else’s life.
Like ALL moms, I say this with full sincerity: I wouldn’t change it for the world. And in my case, I mean this literally.
My heart was slightly sad to let go of that old life (along with peaceful dinners and a full night’s sleep), but the truth is I know that one day when they are older, I will pick up that old flame and continue the good fight. But today, tomorrow and for the unforeseen future I am mommy and I’m learning that that is enough.
I am enough for them and they are enough for me.
I’m learning to see the magnificent in the monotony and that my role is a sacred one that allows me a very small window of time to pour into them. I do this so that they will go out one day and change the world in ways I could never imagine.
The most important task you will ever have falls within the four walls of your home.
You, Mom, are God’s masterpiece and you are enough.
Krystle K

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