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Dehydrated Fruit and Yogurt Leather - The Snap Mom

Dehydrated Fruit and Yogurt Leather

I cannot even begin to tell you how DELICIOUS these are! My girls DEVOURED an entire batch within 2 hours. I, myself, cannot get enough. So simple to make and oh-so-good for you! Packed with protein, probiotics, vitamin c, and potassium! They are the PERFECT snack. If you can’t tell, I am super excited to share this with you.

Dehydrated Fruit and Yogurt Leather

Supplies and Ingredients:


  1. Spray fruit leather trays with coconut oil, prior to laying them in the dehydrator
  2. Blend yogurt and fruit together in food processor or blender
  3. Pour into trays
  4. Dehydrate until desired consistency (I did mine for 8 hours overnight and they were perfect)
  5. Cut into strips
  6. ENJOY!


Snap Approved Products:



Waring Professional Dehydrator






coconut oil


Coconut Oil Spray

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