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DIY Almond Butter

DIY Almond Butter (With Just One Ingredient!)

I’m a sucker for an easy-peasy project and this one sure fits the bill!- Krystle K

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DIY Almond Butter



  • Soak almonds overnight (tutorial here)
  • Blend for about 10 minutes or until the almonds release their oils
  • Turn off the processor and scrape down the sides
  • Be mindful of the food processor overheating and turn it off for a few minutes if it gets too hot
  • Once the almonds blend into a paste, you are done! (this can take 20-45 minutes depending on the blender)

*Optional additions: pinch of Himalayan Salt and or 1T of Organic Coconut Oil added to the blender as soon as almonds turn to paste


You will have moments where you don’t think anything is happening and a long period of time when the almonds look like dust, and then just when you are about to give up on your failed project a little miracle happens – it magically becomes almond butter! Enjoy your easy-peasy, creamy homemade almond butter!


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