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DIY Fall Rag Wreath - The Snap Mom

DIY Fall Rag Wreath

Happy Fall! I asked this next guest to do something for because I am obsessed with looking at her amazing upcycling work on her facebook! She is so very talented and I don’t know about you, but I needed some inspiration for decorating for fall this season! Enjoy! 

DIY Fall Rag Wreath

by Leanne Baker

Hey Ya’ll! Living in Florida, we don’t get much of the seasons so I like to take every opportunity I can to decorate and try to bring the fall into our home. Have you seen those super cute rag wreaths that are all the rage? Well you are in luck. They are very easy to make, inexpensive, and I am going to show you how.

First, here is the cast of characters:

  • Wire wreath form- I like the ones with 4 rings as you will end up with a much fluffier wreath. You can find them at any local craft store. Use a store coupon and you can pay around $2 for them.
  • Scissors
  • Assorted fabric strips
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wooden letters (if you want to add them)
  • Piece of ribbon long enough to hang the wreath














Okay, so are you ready to get started? Here we go!

First, you will want to have about 2 yards of 4 (or more) different patterns of fabric. I love to go to our local thrift shops (we have some gems near me) and buy clothing to cut to pieces repurpose. I can get a large shirt for $.25 to $.50. Score! If you are a crafter, you probably have some fabric scraps around the house which is what I am using for this wreath. Get creative! Do you have an old, ugly tablecloth? Cut it! How about an old sheet? Use it Girl! Does your husband have a shirt from 20 years ago that he still insists is in style? You know what to do! Anything is fair game!

You will want your fabric strips cut into pieces about 6” long and about 1” wide. You don’t have to be very specific, just close. Now, once you have all your strips cut, start to tie the strips in knots around the frame. I like to make them while watching TV with the hubby at night. It is relaxing and not something that requires any form of concentration on my part. If you are like me, once the kids are in bed, your brain is ready to turn off ha! This is the perfect time to work on your wreath.

If you have children, you can always put them to work and have them tie the strips for you. Kids love craft projects!

So once you have all your strips tied onto your frame, it should look similar to this.

closeup wreath



So fluffy and fun! Now take your piece of ribbon and loop it through one of the wire rings. Voila! Ready to hang!

If you are feeling extra motivated, you can take it one step further and add some wooden letters. Paint them in any color you like (you can even stain them if you want) and then hot glue them to the wreath.

You are now ready to hang your wreath and be humbled by your awesomeness!


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    DIY Fall Rag Wreath | The Snap Mom