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DIY Pallet Signs - The Snap Mom

DIY Pallet Signs

DIY Pallet Signs

by Kristi Hefflefinger at Rustic Willow

I don’t know about you, but over the years I’ve collected a lot of odds and ends in my garage and closets. Bits and pieces of wood, pipe, plywood, fabric, pretty paper, cans upon cans of house paint, spray paint, craft paint, paint samples, you get the idea. I was always thinking in the back of my mind, I can probably use that one day. Then, finally, that day came. I stumbled upon a picture of a wall hanging I absolutely loved. And, as I looked at it, breaking it down in my head… bits of different sized wood, two colors of paint, nails, screws… I thought, I have all this stuff in my garage! I can make this! And so it began. I’ve found that I love taking old cast-offs and repurposing them into something new and beautiful. This is a photo of my first sign:

palette DIY

Of course, my garage and closets only held so much scrap, so I began to look for other sources. That’s where the pallets came in. They are virtually everywhere, and with a little bit of inquiry, it’s not hard to find a business happy for you to take them off their hands. Pallet signs are an economical home decorating solution, they make great personal gifts and can be turned into festive holiday decorations. Once you know how to put together the basic sign, your options are limitless!

What you’ll need:

Let’s get started…

Decide on the size of the sign you’d like to create. Cut your boards to size accordingly.

pallet 1

Cut two braces for the back of your sign to hold everything together.

pallet 2

Arrange your boards how you want them, then nail or screw your braces to the back of the boards. Voilá! One solid sign.

pallet 3

The final construction step is to put the hanger on your sign. Attach two screws to the back of your sign, a few inches from the top. Wrap each end of a piece of hanging wire around each of the screws, securing the loose ends with several twists.

pallet 4pallet 5

Now the fun part! Paint to your heart’s content. You can freehand paint, stencil, decoupage, stamp, stain, anything you like! The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Enjoy!

pallet 6pallet 7

If you find your spare time for DIY is in short supply, the signs pictured in this tutorial, and many more, are available for purchase at 

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