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DIY Sunburn Salve

DIY Sunburn Salve

 This is the perfect summer project for the DIY mamas!

by Amanda Black | staff editor and content manager for The Snap Mom

I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there… you’re having so much fun at the beach or by the pool, and you forget to reapply sunscreen and stay out too long in the sun! It is painful!! But if you take 5 minutes now, you can whip together a soothing salve and be prepared for the weekend! No one wants to mess around with a sunburn!  All of these skin-soothing ingredients are very versatile, so I suggest you order them now and have them on hand! 

Sidenote: The measurements can simply be rough estimations. I don’t bother getting my measuring cups dirty for this 🙂  You can also leave out oils you don’t have and just increase the ones you do have. DIY is supposed to save you time and stress!



1 Medium/Large Aloe Stem (or pure aloe gel)

¼ c vegetable glycerine

5 pumps of argan oil

¼ c shea butter

¼ c coconut oil

¼ c wheat germ oil

10 drops lavender essential oil


1.    Slice both sides of the aloe stem. Carefully “fillet”the “meat” out of the center.

2.    Chop it into 1 inch segments

3.    If needed, melt down coconut oil and shea butter for 30 seconds in the microwave (or double boiler if you don’t use a microwave)

4.    Add all items to food processor (I love my hand-powered chopper)

5.    Mix well. I recommend mixing with something with a blade and not attempting to do it by hand, as fresh aloe can be chunky.

6.    Transfer to storage jar.

7.    If desired, store in fridge for cooling relief.

Tips & Tricks

I use fresh cut aloe. If you live in the south, you can absolutely grow aloe! They sell aloe plants in most gardening departments, or you can pull up a small plant from a neighbor (with permission!). They are very easy to keep. You can even keep it indoors in a sunny spot.

Aloe is fairly goopy and breaks apart over time because of the water content; it is not very shelf stable. I don’t make more than I will use in a few days’ time.

If you use all the oils, the texture on this is pretty liquidy and can be hard to rub in. I would cover yourself with light clothing.  If you need to rub it in well, you could do plain aloe + vegetable glycerine + lavender EO, which absorbs much easier.

About the author


Amanda is a SAHM and teacher who loves The Snap Mom mission, National Parks, and outdoor living.