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DIY Vitamin Water - The Snap Mom

DIY Vitamin Water

DIY Vitamin Water

This is a great way to get your water intake in a delicious way! This DIY is so easy, and fun! Use any combination of fruits and fresh herbs (just don’t use bananas) that you can think of! We would love for you to comment, and share your own creative combinations!



Cut up fruit, place in jar and muddle! Slap fresh herbs and add to jar. Fill with ice, then water. Put lid on, shake, refrigerate for 3-4 hrs, and then ENJOY!

{If you have a sweet tooth, you can also add 1-2 tablespoons of raw honey}


  1. This is so fun–thank you for the short, simple, sweet tutorial. This is a little different than I make it, but looks much better. I will try yours today!!! Thank you, Snap Moms!

  2. My favorite! My grandma also enjoyed it (:

  3. Love this.. a GREAT way to get our water intake in a healthy and fun way. YUM!!!

  4. I love vitamin water! Can’t wait to try this!

  5. I think this is my favorite episode.
    I don’t like drinking water because of its dull taste.
    This looks so yummy that I’m sure I’ll be drinking water more often!
    Thanks for sharing!!