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Easy Peasy DIY Sunscreen

Easy Peasy DIY Sunscreen

Just in time for summer! No more worrying about ingredients with this recipe.

by Amanda Black | staff editor for The Snap Mom 

Right about the time we’re ready to leave for the beach, I realize we’re out of sunscreen! This DIY sunscreen is so simple, and it works fabulous. I have fair skin, and my husband and my daughter tan immediately.  It works for all of us.  I have tested it by applying to half of my leg. Sure enough, uncovered part was pink and covered side had no sign of being in the sun. It might have even had a light tan!

I’m not great at following recipes, and what I love about this DIY is it’s EASY. That means not looking up recipes every time!

Easy Peasy DIY Sunscreen

  • 1 part Wheat Germ Oil (SPF 15-20)
  • 1 part Coconut Oil (SPF 6-8)
  • 1 part Olive Oil (SPF 6-8)
  • 1 part Shea Butter (spf 4-6) *You may need to melt this down a little before mixing it in.
  • Zinc Oxide *How much zinc oxide you add will determine the SPF. 10% of the mixture is a low/moderate SPF of about 10, and 25% is a high SPF of 20+.   So if you have 1 cup of oil, you will need approximately 3 Tbsp of Zinc Oxide to make a high SPF. I usually do 1-2 spoonfuls.
  • Add to bottle and shake well before applying each time.

Tips & Tricks

  • A total of 1 cup lasts us approximately 6 weeks with heavy beach going.  However, I am not a sunscreen fanatic, and depending on the situation, we may not always apply. Sun safety is a whole other post.
  • I have found Wheat Germ Oil to be my go-to for a number of reasons. It is higher in SPF than others, a great source of vitamin E, and was cheaper than other options with high SPF. You can absolutely double up any of these or substitute a number of other oils. Avocado oil is a particularly popular one. Shea Butter is also very high in vitamin E, which makes it great at moisturizing and protecting from free radicals (the damaging part of being in the sun).  I discovered that Evening Primrose Oil is also effective! If you have leftover from pregnancy, add it in!
  • The texture of this is pretty liquid-y. Some people add in beeswax, but I find it hard to work with, and it adds extra time. The shea butter makes it thick enough for me. I find it to be fairly waterproof being that it’s made of oils.
  • I do recommend that you apply before getting in the car because it could make sand stick to you quite a bit until it fully absorbs.

How to Store

  • I store mine in an empty Dr. Bronner’s castile soap bottle. It has the perfect cap and is plastic for ease of throwing in the beach bag. I find that this DIY version rubs in better than store-bought zinc sunscreens.
  • I love Mountain Rose Herbs for supply, but Amazon also has what you need.


About the author


Amanda is a SAHM and teacher who loves The Snap Mom mission, National Parks, and outdoor living.

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