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Snap Review: Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap - The Snap Mom

Snap Review: Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap

I saw Eco Nuts on the show Shark Tank and nearly flipped out! These nuts are an amazing alternative to harsh detergents that are not only reusable but are also a great product for people suffering from sensitive skin and eczema. – Krystle K


Do your laundry with Berries! Eco Nuts are berries that grow in the Himalayas on Lychee trees and naturally contain a soap. Multiple Award winning and certified USDA Organic by Oregon Tilth. Our soap nuts are both de-seeded and sterilized without chemicals for consumer protection, the only soap nuts on the market that are both! We suggest Eco Nuts for anyone who doesn’t want to carry big heavy bottles of detergent around while doing laundry.


  •  All Eco Nuts packaging is 100% compostable or 100% recycleable with no plastic.
  • 100 loads medium box
  • 2 reusable wash bags so you can do multiple loads at once.
  • Reusable, Hypoallergenic, Biodegradable, Fragrance Free




“I have been using these for over a month; they are a great find!! Clothes are brighter, cleaner. Took out all the residue from the old detergent. Must be cleaning my washer also. You must not overload machine, can use warm or cold water, doesn’t mater if it accidentally ends up in the dryer. No need for the oversized heavy plastic bottle. And they work, 8 loads per 5 nuts. I made a window cleaner that works awesome also. Thank you!” Carol K

“I have been using these great nuts for over a month and I like the results very much. Clothes are fresh and fluffy, no allergies around and the family is happy. Glad to support nature as it is biodegradable.” Emmy B