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Elimination Communication 411 (teach your baby how to use the toilet) - The Snap Mom

Elimination Communication 411 (teach your baby how to use the toilet)

Teach your baby how to pee and poo on a potty? Yes indeed! Why? How?

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What is Elimination Communication?

Use elimination communication (EC) to help your baby stay clean and dry. Human babies are as smart as animal babies – they know when they need to go!

EC is also called infant potty training, natural infant hygiene, and diaper free. It’s about listening to your baby’s cues for elimination needs – with or without diapers.

Start at the Beginning (or Later!)

You can begin to observe your baby’s elimination communication signals right from birth. It’s much the same as watching for hunger cues.

You can also begin later than that – I started with my own Cassidy around 6 months old, and other families have started even later. You can consider EC’ing up until your baby is 18 months old or so. Then you’re in early potty training territory (which can also be done respectfully and successfully).

Rely on timing in relation to feeding in the early days of discovering your baby’s signals. You can give a vocal cue, such as a gentle “ssssss” sound, when you notice your infant eliminating.

Babies can learn to use the big potty, a small potty seat, sinks, or small containers designated for their use. They will even come to understand that the position you hold them in means “potty time!”

Elimination Communication is Clean

Your baby goes potty in a container – be that a toilet, a child’s potty, or a small bowl. Even the sink or the great outdoors will work! You simply flush away your baby’s waste without another thought.

No need to carry diapers around or worry about finding a clean changing table. You just EC while you’re out. Of course you can still have your baby in diapers when you go out. Offer the potty when you’re at a clean restroom, or just explain to baby that the diaper is fine to use. You may just come home with dry pants!

Your baby stays clean.

He doesn’t have to sit in urine and he doesn’t have to have his own waste smeared all over him. You can wipe your baby with toilet paper, give a quick swipe with a wipe, or do a quick rinse under running water – and that’s it!

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