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Epsom Salt: What is it Good For? - The Snap Mom

Epsom Salt: What is it Good For?

Epsom Salt is a crunchy item everyone can benefit from! 

Epsom Salt is a naturally occurring pure mineral compound made up of sulfate & magnesium. Epsom salt scientifically recognized and has numerous health benefits as well as many other helpful uses!

Dr. Campbell McBride, the creator of the Gut And Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) protocol for brain and digestive issues, was adamant that one should use nightly baths some with Epsom Salts to help detoxify.

Stephanie Seneff, PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), talked at length during her presentations about the importance of sulfur in our body and how it’s possible that sulfur is the missing ingredient to overcome chronic diseases like cancer, obesity and Alzheimer’s.  She recommends taking regular Epsom Salt baths.

My hands-down favorite use for ES is for the bath! When my kids are cranky its the FIRST thing I do. Because sulfate and magnesium are easily absorbed through the skin, bathing in it is a quick way to benefit from its healing properties.

Bath salt


General Uses:

  • Eases stress, anxiety and relaxes the body
  • Relieves inflammation pain and muscle cramps
  • Makes insulin more effective
  • Helps muscles and nerves function properly
  • Helps prevent hardening of arteries and blood clots
  • Relieves constipation (ES is an FDA approved laxative and certain brands can be ingested)
  • Eliminates toxins from the body

You can also use Epsom Salt as an exfoliant on your face, treatment for Athlete’s Foot, soothe sprains and bruises, use it as a cleaning agent on your tiles, insecticide spray, fertilize your plants and spray on your lawn to keep it green!


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