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KidSafe Essential Oil Giveaway - The Snap Mom

KidSafe Essential Oil Giveaway

We have partnered with our friends over at Plant Therapy to bring you this wonderful giveaway!


Winner will receive:

KidSafe Starter Set includes 10 ml Undiluted Synergies of: A+ Attention, Calming The Child, Germ Destroyer, Immune Boom, Nighty Night and Sniffle Stopper!



JoAnna Almo will be receiving the Plant Therapy KidSafe Starter Kit!


Applicant entry:
“I’m gonna be real with you girls. I deserve to win because I could really use a little silver lining in my life right now. Just a boost you know? As you know the past year and a half has not been easy on me… But the past two months since my daughter was born have been exhausting in ways that I didn’t know were possible. I Never planned on doing this alone and I gotta tell you, I have the utmost respect for single mamas after experiencing what I’ve experienced in just two short months. I am exclusively breast-feeding and after two months of not getting more then 3 1/2 hours of consecutive sleep at any given moment The black circles around my eyes are looking real attractive, let me tell you! Do you know what’s really amazing though? There is this constant thought that I keep going back to. My sweet daughter couldn’t care less about my black circles. She doesn’t care that I’m wearing the same unwashed pajamas that are covered in her spit up for the third day in a row. She doesn’t care about my greasy hair or my unshaved legs. When she wakes up from her nap and opens her eyes, and my face is the first thing that she sees, she smiles so beautifully and so big and all my woes just melt away. Motherhood is so self sacrificial and there are moments when it isn’t easy to pour yourself 100% into another human being, forsaking your own immediate needs. But the good news is, honestly, those moments are far outshined by the inexpressible bliss of looking at your innocent sweet baby looking up at you, needing you, relying on you,  with their whole little life. I hope I am articulating myself well enough through this persistent brain fog!

Also! This giveaway is very timely and fortuitous for me. I have been diffusing plain water around my daughter for the humidifying benefits because I’ve been so confused about the safety of essential oils with babies. Lately, I have read literature that is both in support of its use and against it as well. So to be gifted a line of oils specifically designed for children would be an incredible blessing to us. Thanks for listening. God bless.”


To Enter:

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“More about our groundbreaking KidSafe Synergies:

KidSafe by Plant Therapy is the first-ever line of essential oils developed especially for children.

Formulated by Robert Tisserand for children ages 2–10, KidSafe features a variety of synergies and single oils targeted toward specific issues and ailments common in this age range. All are available as 100% pure, undiluted essential oils as well as pre-diluted roll-ons.

As parents ourselves, the Plant Therapy team wouldn’t settle for anything less than absolute safety. That’s why we invited the world’s foremost expert on essential oil safety, Robert Tisserand, to create the KidSafe line. The level of research, testing and quality assurance that we put into developing our KidSafe line is unparalleled in the industry.

And not only are the oils 100% safe for children, they are effective too.

If you are looking for essential oils to use on your little one, there is simply no comparable product available on the market today!”