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Our family is G R O W I N G! - The Snap Mom

Our family is G R O W I N G!

This post is an extremely emotional one for me to write; one that has been a long time in the making.

I am overjoyed to announce that my husband and I have started the journey towards becoming foster parents!

This part of our story started long before we were even married. Adoption was a topic I was passionate about even as a 17-year-old. My (now) husband and I traveled to Haiti together the summer before our senior year and that trip forever changed my destiny. What we witnessed and experienced in that country permanently marked my heart for orphans. The day we left the orphanage I wept and wept not wanting to leave all those precious babies, but I made a vow never to forget them. And I didn’t; I spent the next decade working with orphans locally and in countries all over the word. After my stint with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) I began working for my church, assisting the Missions and Outreach Pastor. It was a dream come true. Organize, lead and aid children and people in need.



In March of 2011 (when I was 7 months pregnant with our first child ) we completed our foster/adoption education course (known as MAPS) through Florida Baptist Children Homes with plans to begin fostering immediately.


Then…… we had our baby and my life was turned upside down. Being a first time mom was really overwhelming and there was no way I had the capacity to add more to my plate. 3 years, juggling 2 jobs and 2 kids later, my life is crazier than ever before and I have 1,000 new reasons why we can’t/shouldn’t become foster parents… but the tugging, the ever-present tugging in my heart that I can no longer ignore draws me back to the truth that I have long known: This life is short and we have a chance to make a difference that really matters.

I have patted myself on the back many times for all the “good” I do.

“But I support local agencies by taking pictures of orphans for FREE, I attend awareness eventsI volunteer at teen pregnancy shelters, I speak out against child abuseI share other people’s stories, I support my friends 110% with their adoptions. I’m such a great cheerleader for orphans!”

Through a series of events it has been made abundantly clear that our family is to stop cheering from the sidelines and get in the game for abused and abandoned children. This scripture has been constantly on my heart leading us into this next season of our lives: “Dear children, don’t just talk about love. Put your love into action. Then it will truly be love.” 1 John 3:15

All that we need to do now is complete our final paperwork and have our home-study.

I’m so happy about the next step we are about to embark on and cannot wait to share our journey with The Snap Mom community!


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  1. […] a photography business, launching The Snap Mom, being involved at our church and becoming a licensed foster parent had me beyond busy and I constantly felt like I was spinning many plates on top of the daily mom […]

  2. […] a photography business, launching The Snap Mom, being involved at our church and becoming a licensed foster parent had me beyond busy and I constantly felt like I was spinning many plates on top of the daily mom […]

  3. I just loved your story. It is amazing how things we find important at a young age stay important throughout our whole life. It takes very special people to become foster parents and all I have read about you and your family on your site makes me think your family with be perfect. I noticed your scripture quoted in your story and looked it up because it is so true. I think you might have meant 1 John 3:18 …… not that it matters as I truly knew your meaning. Take care.