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Father And Daughter Recreate Old Wedding Photos To Say Goodbye To Late Wife And Mother

Father And Daughter Recreate Old Wedding Photos To Say Goodbye To Late Wife And Mother

I can’t even really formulate an adequate opening for this story….. It’s breathtaking and beautiful and painful and precious all at once. – Krystle K

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Images: Melanie Tracy Pace/ Loft3 Photography

Ben Nunery and his young daughter Olivia have published a gripping and beautiful series of images in which they bid farewell to their home and to their wife and mother Ali, who died of cancer in 2011 at 31 years of age.

Ben and Ali were married in 2009. Because they had just purchased their new home, they decided to take their wedding photos in the home that was to be their future. After Ali passed just 2 ½ years later, however, Ben and Olivia had to move into a new home together. To say goodbye, Ali’s sister Melanie Tracy Pace joined them for one more photoshoot in the home where Ben and Ali had their wedding day photos and where they had lived together. The resulting images, some of which even shadow the original wedding-day photos, are a touching and beautiful farewell to Ali and to their old home.

When he wrote about the experience, Ben said, “Many people have asked me how I felt while doing that photo session. What I want them to know is that this isn’t a story about grief and loss and hurt. Yes, I’ve gone through those emotions and still do but that’s not what I want people to see in these photos. This is a story about love.”

Check out the photos below, along with some more specific information about Ben, Olivia and Ali’s story.

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