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Finding The "New Norm" - The Snap Mom

Finding The “New Norm”

This was a hilarious outtake from our first attempt at family photos after the birth of our second child. Pretty much sums up what life is like shortly after you add a new member to the family. We call it “finding the new norm.” Every time your family dynamic shifts you have to let the dust settle and figure out what is the “new norm” is. Instead of trying to make your new life fit into your old groove you have to give yourself some time to adjust and find your “sweet spot.”

Make sense?

My old boss always told me “if you are flexible, you cant get bent out of shape” and this is so applicable to parenthood. The transition with having your first child is the most life altering. I grew up with younger siblings (2 of them were more than 10 years younger than me), happily babysat, loved kids and even worked with them for a living before having my first child and it was STILL a MAJOR shock for me to become a parent. Life as I knew it was over but luckily once I found “the new norm” ┬ámy new life (be it messier, more chaotic and definitely far more unpredictable) was far more amazing than I ever could have dreamed.

I seriously wouldn’t change my new life for the world.

But ohhhhh how I wish I could travel back in time and tell myself these 5 things before I had kids:

  1. Take more naps.
  2. Squeeze in a few more vacations.
  3. Your life is not THAT stressful, trust me.
  4. Be nicer to your mom, you will respect her and need her more than you could possibly know.
  5. Go on more dates with your husband. Raising a family can put a lot of pressure on a marriage and make one on one time seem impossible.

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  1. @krystlek This is hilarious!