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Five Mom Friends You Do NOT Need

Five Mom Friends You Do NOT Need

As I was dying laughing, thinking of some of my friends who fit into these 5 kinds of moms, I sobered up and started wondering if I AM ONE OF THESE! Bahahahahahahaha…but seriously…number 5?

by Nikki Pennington | staff writer for The Snap Mom

Let’s face it, being a mom is hard enough. When you are trying to make mom friends, “hard” is an entirely new ballgame. In the midst of the exhaustion, desperation and the inability to fully function, you might not recognize the mom friends you do NOT need to be around. At first, you think they are a regular mom like you. Then comes the second play date, and that’s when things go downhill fast. Here are five mom friends you do not, I repeat, do not want to have as friends. If you encounter them, get up calmly, suddenly say you forgot something, and RUN.

1. The REALLY laid back mom

5 mom friends you don't need

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I am all for being laid back with your children, it teaches them to remain calm and not get worked up over small things. That is not this mom, this mom is so laid back she might say “What do you mean you don’t think little Timmy is not old enough to play in the street alone?? He’s two years old, he’s plenty old enough. I am teaching him independence.” <Insert a minor panic attack on my part here> Being around this mom is more stressful than fun, you feel as though you are constantly watching out for the safety of her child.

2. The Gossip

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This mom is exhausting, and you are already exhausted. She talks about every mom at the park, even the ones she doesn’t know. She tells you about her neighbor that is a new mom and doing everything wrong for her newborn. She tells you about how her best friend is a really bad mom. When you walk away from a play date with this one, your head hurts. You will also walk away wondering what this mom says about your parenting skills when you are not around.

3. The Stage 5 Clinger

the clinger

Not only is she attached to her children, she is just as much attached to you. It’s 7 AM, you are feeding the children breakfast, and all of a sudden, you hear a knock at the door. Must be your husband that forgot something for work… nope it’s the stage 5 clinger. She was ‘just in the neighborhood’ from dropping her kids off at school and thought she would stop by. No phone call… and her children’s school is 30 minutes away from your house. She was also hoping she could just hang out with you for the rest of the day so she doesn’t have to make another trip back out to pick up the kids from school.

4. The Melodramatic Mom


She and her boyfriend/husband just got into the tenth argument this week. The entire playdate will be consumed by this drama-ensued story that has to be mostly exaggerated. She is dropping some pretty foul language that your two year old will repeat later. You walk away feeling as though you just went from homemaker to therapist… a free therapist.

5. The TMI Mom


As moms we are all about a good projectile vomiting story or even the occasional “my baby’s poop was this color” story from time to time. The problem comes when you have just become friends with the TMI mom and she tells you about her bodily fluids, her husband’s bodily fluids, and it’s complete with pictures just so you get the full effect. You know about her exact cycle, the last time her and the hubby did the baby dance and all about her relationships before her marriage. This is the mom you really do need to run from, goodness only knows what you will hear about or see at the next play date…

About the author:

nikki pennington

Nikki is a stay at home mom to three high spirited boys. Three years ago she became a motherless daughter after losing her own mom to terminal brain cancer. When she is not playing the role of referee for the boys, she spends her days trying to encourage and inspire others that are on the grief journey.

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